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  • 10 Top Sourcing Destinations In Africa For Apparel Companies

    top sourcing destinations in Africa for apparel By Dana Sanchez, 1:37 pm

    Apparel and footwear — but especially footwear — are among the U.S. industries that benefited most from the African Growth and Opportunity Act. But if you think only U.S. or global brands are looking to set up shop in Ethiopian factories, you’d be wrong. Kenyan footwear designer Emo Rugene is moving his shoe brand, Afroshoes, to Ethiopia. To start production, he needs more funding so he’s doing a Kickstarter campaign. Here are 10 top sourcing destinations in Africa for apparel companies.

  • 10 Dreamy Mauritius Hotels Where You Can Find Your Piece Of Paradise

    By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 pm

    Over 100 years ago, when Mark Twain visited the exotic island of Mauritius, he quoted a local as saying “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius.” Fast forward to the present day, and the island nation retains its heavenly qualities — gorgeous beaches, picturesque views in every direction, and balmy tropical weather. Fortunately for travelers, there are plenty of resorts on the island where you can see for yourself. Here are 10 dreamy Mauritius hotels where you can find your own piece of paradise.

  • Chinese Tourists Help Push South African Tourism Out Of The Doldrums

    South African Tourism Out Of The Doldrums By Dana Sanchez, 6:34 pm

    South Africa’s tourism industry has seen its ups and downs, and right now, it’s up, thanks in part to Chinese tourists. Tourist arrivals from China were up 93 percent in January. A fairly horrible year in 2015, SA tourism was hurt by Ebola fears over an outbreak thousands of miles away and changes in the country’s visa regulations. Tourism contributed more than agriculture to SA’s GDP in 2014.

  • These Are Sub-Saharan Africa’s 3 Brightest Spots For Doing Business

    By Global Risk Insights, 7:40 am

    Africa is viewed as a highly challenging environment to do business in. Despite this, however, Africa’s growing frontier markets have become increasingly significant to the world’s economy. Comprehensive economic reforms, improving business environments, effective political reforms and good governance have all promoted foreign investment and contributed to Africa’s economic growth. Here are the economic prospects of three of the brightest lights in sub-Saharan Africa today.

  • Here Comes The Rain Again: 10 Stunning Photos Of African Rainstorms

    By Joe Kennedy, 6:30 pm

    Rainstorms in Africa come in many forms. They can involve a cool, coastal drizzle coming over Table Mountain in Cape Town, a tropical downpour on a Mauritian beach, or a towering thunderstorm unleashing itself on the Tanzanian savanna. But no matter how the rain arrives, it’s usually outstandingly beautiful. Here are some incredible photos of rainstorms in Africa.

  • Trademark Wars: Nigerian Court Rules Xiaomi Must Stop Selling Mi-Brand Mobiles For Now

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:22 pm

    Mauritius-based Mi-Fone says the temporary injunction is a victory for small business and for African brands fighting to compete with large non-African brands. Mi-Fone is the original holder of the Mi trademark in Nigeria, the court ruled. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker, the fifth-largest by sales volume, and it also has “mi” in its name.

  • AFCON Qualifying: African Giants Head For Do Or Die Battles

    NFF Accused Oliseh - Super Eagles Nigeria Fans By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:23 am AFKI Original

    The African national teams are currently involved in Gabon 2017 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifying with matches to decide the teams that will progress to the next round of the qualification campaign to take part in the Nations Cup in early 2017. There are many fixtures taking place, with some of Africa’s best national teams involved in the campaign in an effort to earn their ticket to Gabon and a chance to be champions of Africa.

  • Insight: Mauritius Island’s Economy On The Rise For 2016

    world heritage sites in africa By Global Risk Insights, 7:11 am

    As the tourism industry provides large windows of opportunity for economic growth for islands, Mauritius has set a precedent for other small countries to follow in 2016. by the end of 2015, Mauritius attracted 1 million tourists, showing that it had adapted to tourists’ more sophisticated demands by diversifying its entertainment and other offerings. Not only that, Mauritius has also secured more open air policies with major countries, including Australia, China, and Singapore

  • 6 Of Africa’s 10 Best Airports Are In South Africa

    Six of Africa's 10 best airports are in South Africa By Dana Sanchez, 10:06 pm

    Six of Africa’s 10 best airports are in South Africa, two are in North Africa and two are on islands, according to Skytrax World Airport Awards. Cape Town International Airport was ranked as Africa’s best airport Wednesday at the awards ceremony in Germany, with airports in Johannesburg and Durban ranking No. 2 and No. 3 on the continent based on surveys of airport customers. “Cape Town International Airport is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world‚” said Alan Winde‚ provincial minister of economic opportunities.

  • Air Mauritius Launches Nonstop To Singapore, Plans Increased African Air Connectivity

    Air Mauritius Launches Nonstop To Singapore By Dana Sanchez, 2:01 pm

    Mauritius wants Singapore to use the island as its regional headquarters to invest in Africa. Air Mauritius this week launched its first non-stop flight to Singapore and plans to build connectivity in Africa in May. “The potential between these two hubs is enormous,” a stakeholder said. The country’s low corporate tax rate of 3 percent makes Mauritius attractive to foreign investors. In 2015, the African Union warned that Mauritius was exposing other African countries to illegal financial flows by its financially secretive operations.

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