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  • A Snapshot Of African Tech Hubs : 314 Of Them And Growing Faster Than You Think

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:23 pm

    Global tech and mobile giants are increasingly involved in Africa’s 314 active tech hubs. New tech hubs are opening on a weekly basis, according to new research by GSMA, the powerful mobile trade and lobbying association. GSMA recently launched its own innovation fund to tap local startups. Regardless of their type, it’s the facilitator role of tech hubs that explains their proliferation in Africa.

  • Africa Elections Calendar: August Is Voters ‘Super Month’

    South Africa elections 2014. Photo: tvcnews By Kevin Mwanza, 8:41 am

    Africa has had a busy elections calendar in 2016. The year opened with a mixed bag of dramatic elections and referendum in the first quarter of the year. There has since been a haitus in Africa’s voting calendar that gave the continent a whiff of fresh air to refocus on socio-economic and security matters before the beginning of another polling season. August is now shaping up to be the ‘super month’ for elections on the continent with at least five elections scheduled to take place.

  • 12 African Leaders Charged With Treason In Recent History

    treason - Unbelievable Quotes From South African Politicians By Lillian Mutiso, 2:45 am AFKI Original

    Treason includes acts that are geared towards overthrowing a legitimately elected government or endangering state security. In most countries, this offense attracts the death penalty. In Africa, most governments have used treason allegations to trump up charges against their political rivals in order to silence them or force them out of politics. Here are some of African leaders that have been charged with treason in recent years;

  • 8 Olympic Sports That African Countries Will Excel At

    Olympic sports - Seabelo Senatla - South Africa Rugby Sevens By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:00 am AFKI Original

    The 2016 Rio Olympics provide an opportunity for African countries to earn medals for Olympic sports in competition with the best athletes and sportsmen and women from around the world. With this in mind, we take a closer look at 8 Olympic sports that teams from the African continent will likely excel at.

  • 12 Things You Should Know About Gambia’s Ramadan Music Ban

    By Keren Mikva, 8:17 am

    In a show of force ahead of the upcoming December election, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh banned music during Ramadan. He has been in power since a 1994 coup. “As the Muslim community observes the holy month of Ramadan, all the ceremonies and festivities involving singing, music and dancing are banned day and night,” he said. Citizens have been ordered to incriminate each other. About 90 percent of The Gambia is Muslim.

  • Gambia Bans Music During Ramadan, Violators Will Be Arrested

    Gambia bans music during Ramada By Dana Sanchez, 5:22 pm

    Ramadan began June 5. Observant Muslims fast during daylight hours and avoid sin on Ramadan. Gambia went a step further, banning music day and night throughout the holy period. Ramadan is meant to be a time of spiritual discipline, says a convert to Islam. But it’s also a time of celebration and joy. Around Africa, other restrictions have been placed on musical expression. A presidential election in The Gambia is scheduled for December.

  • 21 Top African Economies: Who Will Bypass South Africa Next?

    20 Top African Economies By Dana Sanchez, 4:17 pm

    South Africa lost its spot as No. 1 economy in Africa to Nigeria in 2014, and its No. 2 spot to Egypt in 2016. So who has best shot next at bypassing the South African economy? These are 21 of the International Monetary Fund’s top performing economies in Africa based on gross domestic product. You’ll be surprised who’s absent from this list: Rwanda.

  • Photo Essay: The Laamb Wrestlers Of Senegal

    wrestlers of senegal By Joe Kennedy, 10:28 am

    Wrestling (called Laamb in the Wolof language and Lutte sénégalaise in French) is a national sport in Senegal and has grown in popularity over the last few decades. It is common throughout Senegal and in parts of The Gambia as well. During the wrestling contests, men often put on elaborate outfits to intimidate their opponents and entertain the crowds in everything from small amateur matches at the beach to the giant stadium contests. Here are some of the faces of the wrestlers of Senegal.

  • 52 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance. Most Are In Africa

    countries ranked for marijuana tolerance By Dana Sanchez

    African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African traditions, economies and recreation. It is an important source of income, but is illegal everywhere in Africa. Tolerance and enforcement vary from country to country. There’s a growing belief that with the proper regulations, marijuana should be legalized for the greater good. AFKInsider compiled a list of African countries and ranked them for marijuana tolerance. We’ve also provided a list of most marijuana-friendly countries in the world as a basis for comparison.

  • 8 Of Ghana’s Richest Banks By Assets

    By Julia Austin, 5:14 pm AFKI Original

    UniBank is entirely Ghanaian owned and, for that reason, has a loyal customer base. It was named Best SME Bank in Ghana—an award that works to recognize reforms, modernization, and expansion of Africa’s banking and financial sector. Ghana’s largest industries include agriculture, mining and ship building — industries that often do business far from metropolitan areas. Here are 8 of Ghana’s richest banks by assets in 2015.

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