• Africa’s War Zone Entrepreneurs Rebuild Businesses

    By rphilp, 11:16 am

    With interests in security force training and real estate in post-conflict societies, Michael Stock and his company, Bancroft Global Investment, poured $25 million into various Somali business start-ups. One business, a 212-room resort, comes complete with its own armored bunker and trauma center.

  • Africa At The Cutting Edge: How African Innovators Are Quietly Changing America

    By rphilp, 12:23 pm

    In this first installment for a regular column, ROWAN PHILP – U.S. correspondent for South Africa’s Sunday Times, and Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT/Harvard – invites readers to enjoy a welcome culture shock: the discovery that Africans are, in fact, at the leading edge of U.S. high-tech innovation. In the west, talk of “African […]

  • Searching For Einsteins: Africa At Cutting Edge Of Scientific, Tech Advancement

    By rphilp, 9:39 am

    Africa’s less-publicized realm of technological advancement delves into post-graduate mathematical physics. Through the “Next Einstein Initiative,” the search for Africa’s greatest innovators and scientists has begun.