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  • Gifts Of The Road: Why You Should Travel By Bus In Madagascar

    travel by bus In Madagascar By Lindsay Seegmiller, 7:00 am

    Given that it’s a long, slow trip from Tana to Fort Dauphin, it’s no surprise most tourists opt for the two-hour flight instead. But by taking the bus, I was inadvertently claiming solidarity in the hardships and challenges the Malagasy face on a daily basis. My friend and I never intended this to be more than a thrifty move, but for our fellow passengers, it showed respect and interest in their way of life. “Most vahaza (foreigners) don’t make this trip. But you, you’re Malagasy. You ride the bus with us,” a local bus rider said.

  • Diary Of A Safari Virgin: Witnessing Kenya’s Great Migration

    Kenya's great migration By Lindsay Seegmiller, 8:30 am

    I had read that the cheapest way to embark on a Big 5 safari was to join an existing tour at the last minute. And so I began to wander the streets of Nairobi looking for a recommended agency. I was quickly overwhelmed by how many small companies offered safaris. I eventually settled on a company that seemed dependable and organized. Hesitant about the legitimacy of the tour, I paid and nervously awaited my pickup.

  • 15 Photos That Will Convince You To Splurge On A Luxury Safari In South Africa

    luxury safari lodges By Lindsay Seegmiller, 6:00 pm

    In the world of travel, South Africa’s luxury safari lodges stand in a category of their own. Despite their isolation in remote corners of the bush, these properties incorporate stylish antiques, private plunge pools and some of the finest cuisine in the country. A stay at one of these properties becomes far more than a series of unbelievable game drives – it becomes an exercise in indulgence, relaxation and total exclusivity. Some lodges will transport you back to the bygone era of early African exploration, while others take “glamping” (glamorous camping) to an entirely new level.