Kamau Mbote

  • Infrastructure Gap Hinders Liquid Petroleum Gas Acceptance In Africa

    Gas Acceptance In Africa By Kamau Mbote, 5:10 am AFKI Original

    A large population in Africa, crippled by lack of affordable clean energy, is still using unsafe kerosene to cook and illuminate their houses. African households rely on wood- and kerosene-powered stoves because it’s cheap. Most governments on the continent still subsidize kerosene fuel. There are efforts from various stakeholders to push for the increased use of liquefied petroleum gas as the main source of energy.

  • Kenya’s Virtual Operators Add Twist To Mobile Money Revolution

    Mobile Money Revolution By Kamau Mbote, 3:41 am AFKI Original

    A move by the Kenyan communications regulator to license three mobile virtual network operators that don’t own their own communication infrastructure is expected to increase competition in the mobile money segment. Until now, the market has been dominated by a single player. The East African nation is known for a world-leading mobile money service that has revolutionized payment, savings and credit systems in the country. What the world doesn’t know is that the service is dominated by Vodafone’s subsidiary, Safaricom, which commands nearly 70 percent of the mobile service market in Kenya. With this dominance Safaricom has been charging an arm and a leg for its services.

  • East Africa’s Growing Middle Class Demands For More Shopping Malls

    By Kamau Mbote, 4:16 am AFKI Original

    A growing middle class and an increasing number of expatriates working for multinationals in East Africa has injected impetus in property scene with the number of shopping malls constructed in the region rising as the new breed of consumers demand for more imported high quality brands and better services at one stop shops.

  • African Startups Face An Uphill Task Even After Funding

    By Kamau Mbote, 6:28 am AFKI Original

    Crowd funding sites in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana provide micro financing platforms for budding entrepreneurs. But African startups are finding it difficult to make it in a continent where even medium-sized companies struggle with a market dictated by cartels, multinationals and government interference.

  • Is The East African Community Headed For Another Collapse?

    By Kamau Mbote, 4:17 am AFKI Original

    Recent events in the East African Community have shown signs of fault lines despite a stated goal of leading the region to economic and political union. Is there a conspiracy to push Tanzania out of the East African Community?