Kate Liquorish

  • The Magic Of Selous: On Safari In Africa’s Largest Game Reserve

    selous By Kate Liquorish, 7:00 pm

    Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, which covers over 40,000km², is the largest game reserve in Africa (South Africa’s Kruger National Park is less than half its size). It is so vast that getting an accurate count of the wildlife is an impossibility. Selous is known for its abundance of elephants, hippos, buffaloes, lions, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and wild dogs. In fact, you’re more likely to see wild dogs here than in most other reserves in Africa.

  • Risen From The Ashes: The Rebirth Of Tintswalo Atlantic After The 2015 Cape Fires

    tintswalo atlantic By Kate Liquorish, 7:00 pm

    Less than a year after it was partially destroyed by the 2015 Cape fires, Tintswalo Atlantic did the impossible: they took a catastrophe and rebuilt it into a masterpiece — one that has somehow superseded the splendour of what was before. In Gaye’s words, “The eyes of the world were on us after the fire and when guests walk through the door now, the looks on their faces tell us that we have produced something that lives up to what we set out to achieve – a place of peace and beauty.”

  • Outrageously Unique: Interview With Chantel Dartnall Of Restaurant Mosaic

    By Kate Liquorish, 10:20 am

    Chantel Dartnall’s Restaurant Mosaic is a multi award-winning restaurant with one of the greatest wine cellars in Africa, an adjoining five star hotel and private art gallery, and its own animal conservancy. Each dish is a work of art as well as an all-encompassing, sensual affair. The food, the surroundings, the art, the intricate décor, the intimate service and the exquisite wines – all are, quite simply, breathtaking.

  • Living Large In Plett: Four Luxury Stays In Plettenberg Bay

    By Kate Liquorish, 9:21 am

    For my sins, I endeavoured to explore and indulge in four very different and wonderful luxury guest houses and hotels in and around Plettenberg Bay. Plett, as it’s commonly known, is one of South Africa’s premier holiday destinations, located along the prestigious Garden Route in the Western Cape. It encompasses an abundance of nature reserves, winelands, a myriad of beaches and lagoons, some of the most breath-taking views over mountain passes and the glorious confluence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

  • Giddy Up! Exploring Plettenberg Bay’s Wine Trail On Horseback

    By Kate Liquorish, 6:00 pm

    Though it’s primarily a beach destination, the area is also recognized for its indigenous forests, wild proteas and fynbos, its abundant bird and wildlife, and its national parks and nature reserves. Plett is a nature-lover’s paradise. I’ve been visiting Plettenberg Bay for much of my life and while I’ve hiked many of the trails, explored a great number of forests and adored all of the beaches and lagoons, I’ve never experienced the landscape on horseback.

  • Move Over, Stellenbosch: Discovering Plettenberg Bay’s Emerging Wine Industry

    By Kate Liquorish, 7:00 pm

    Fifteen years ago, people laughed when a couple planted a vineyard along the Garden Route. Today, Plettenberg Bay is home to 20 wine-producing vineyards along with scenic beaches and a coastline of forests, valleys and mountain passes. At the area’s Wine and Bubbly Festival, all the people who shaped this success story got together in one room, giving me the unique opportunity to learn every side of its fascinating history.