Jeanette Wall

  • 10 Favorite West African Street Foods

    West African Street Foods By Jeanette Wall, 1:01 am

    Sugar the way nature intended! Grown throughout West Africa, sugarcane is sold as a snack by local farmers in markets or along the side of the road. You can also have the stalks ground to provide a very sweet, natural drink. The idea is to trim back the thick skin with a penknife (or rip it off with your teeth) and then chew the inside, sucking the juice. You’ll be tempted by the tantalizing aromas of sizzling hot palm oil and barbecued meat. A trip to West Africa would not be complete without tasting the local street foods.

  • 10 Great Walks, Treks And Hikes In West Africa

    By Jeanette Wall, 9:37 am

    You’re probably familiar with the incredible walking and hiking opportunities in eastern and southern Africa, but did you know there are also spectacular possibilities in West Africa? Complete with verdant hillsides, rocky escarpments, snow, active volcanoes, and even the occasional elephant? Here’s a list of some of them, from short day walks to more full-on experienced treks.