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  • VIDEO: An Adventure Through The Okavango Delta In Botswana

    Okavango Delta By Joe Kennedy, 9:54 am

    Each year, floodwaters from Angola flow more than 600 miles and drain into the desert sands of the Kalahari, creating a spectacular wilderness sanctuary along the way. The Okavango Delta is a desert wetland — a contradicition of terms that’s hard to imagine. The variety of flora and fauna means excellent game viewing year round. Excursions — often luxurious and expensive — offer unobtrusive insight to this pristine ecosystem of permanent swamps and seasonally flooded grassland. It’s one of the few large inland delta systems without an outlet to the sea.

  • VIDEO: An Epic Journey In A Canoe Down The Congo River

    canoe down the Congo River By Joe Kennedy, 1:01 am

    Phil Harwood may be the first person to make the source-to-sea trip of the 2,920-mile Congo River in Central Africa in a canoe. You can watch a video of his five-month, mostly solo expedition. He started in northeastern Zambia, and it wasn’t always a smooth ride. While he marveled at the stunning beauty of the waterfalls and swamps he traversed, and encountered great hospitality and kindness, he was also chased, arrested, and he almost collapsed from malaria before finishing the trip.

  • VIDEO: Bouldering In Malawi, Home To The Longest Vertical Rock Wall In Africa

    Bouldering in Malawi By Joe Kennedy, 1:01 am

    Despite knowing almost nothing about Malawi, Mélissa Le Nevé and Benjamin Rueck flew there to do some bouldering. When they arrived, they found a landscape full of massive, untouched rock structures just begging to be climbed. You don’t have to travel far in Malawi to find a cliff or boulder. The landscape is dotted with granite spires. The longest vertical rock wall in Africa is the 5,577-foot Chambe Peak on Mount Mulanje. In this video of their journey shot by Vast Motion Pictures, you can see Nevé and Rueck scale treacherous cliffs, tour local towns and discover why the country is called “the warm heart of Africa.”

  • Video: El Ghriba Festival In Djerba, Tunisia, Historic Home Of Ancient Jews

    El Ghriba Festival By Joe Kennedy, 8:01 am

    Jews who hail from Tunisia travel each year to the island of Djerba in the south to celebrate the holiday of Lag B’Omer, for a 2nd-century rabbi who revealed secrets of kabbalah. The historic home of an ancient Jewish community, Djerba is considered a bastion of religious tolerance in the Middle East. The El Ghriba Festival showcases this. Djerba is one of the only places in the world where Jews can travel from around the world to meet in an Arab country.

  • VIDEO: Kayak Surfing The White Nile In Uganda

    kayak surfing the White Nile in Uganda By Joe Kennedy, 8:01 am

    The hydraulic features of the White Nile are the stuff of legend. The river is huge, flowing 1,000-to-1,600 cubic meters per second. All that water, spilling from the inland sea of Lake Victoria, is warm but refreshing enough to provide relief from the Africa-hot air. Packs of bright-eyed children approach kayakers with the phrase, “jambo mzungu,” which means “hello white person.” The water slides over bedrock shelves, recoiling into waves and holes on a scale better suited for giants. The Nile Special wave is arguably the world’s best big-water surf spot — just one of dozens of play features here.

  • VIDEO: Climbing Mount Kenya, Second Highest Mountain In Africa

    Climbing Mount Kenya By Joe Kennedy, 8:01 am

    Take a hike through the ice and mist to the summit of Kenya’s highest mountain. At least seven of Mount Kenya’s 18 glaciers recorded in the 1890s by early explorers have disappeared. The rest are shrinking and may be gone in our lifetimes. Of the 15,000 visitors to the national park each year, those who attempt to summit mostly climb Point Lenana, (16,355 feet). Mount Kenya’s tarns and alpine meadows, its exotic high-altitude equatorial vegetation, and its sunbirds and soaring eagles make the hike one of the most beautiful in the East African mountains.

  • VIDEO: Hiking The Fanie Botha Trail, Part Of A South African Trail Network That Never Happened

    Fanie Botha hiking trail By Joe Kennedy, 2:02 pm

    The 28-mile Fanie Botha hiking trail is considered one of South Africa’s best. One of the country’s first officially designated hiking trails, it was originally imagined as the start of an Appalachian Trail-inspired hike stretching from the Soutpansberg in the north to the Eastern Cape escarpment. The big dream wasn’t realized but you can hike the Fanie Botha, named for the man who pushed for a national hiking trail system. Hikers often start in the town of Sabie. Four huts can be booked to spend the nights along the way.

  • VIDEO: Climbing Egypt’s Mount Sinai On A Camel

    Mount Sinai on a camel By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 am

    Climbing Egypt’s Mount Sinai on a camel means you get to experience one of the most biblical hikes on the planet without a workout. If you can’t climb, rent a camel and let it negotiate the switches for you through arid, craggy terrain, to the 7496-foot summit. Also known as Gabal Musa, it’s the possible location of the biblical Mount Sinai, mentioned many times in the Book of Exodus and the Quran. Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faith agree. Mount Sinai is where Moses received what forms the basis of law today: the Ten Commandments.

  • VIDEO: Jumping Into The Sea At Bat’s Cave, South Africa

    Bat’s Cave, South Africa By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 am

    If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to jump off a cliff into the sea, watch this video of local kids at Bat’s Cave, South Africa. Located in East London, Bat’s Cave is accessible only at low tide. The Bat’s Cave Trail in the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve winds along a boardwalk with breathtaking views, past an excavation site where the oldest known human footprints were found in 1964. Dating back 124,000 years, the site is still being excavated. The trail winds along sandstone formations through several coves and steep sandstone cliffs.

  • VIDEO: Exploring Beautiful Lesotho, An Underrated Travel Destination

    Exploring beautiful Lesotho By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 am

    Known as the mountain kingdom, Lesotho is the highest country on the planet and rich with dramatic scenery. Its lowest point is 4,593 feet above sea level, and 80 percent of the country is above 5,906 feet. Completely surrounded by South Africa, Lesoto couldn’t be more different. It’s considered a greatly underrated travel destination — safe, affordable, culturally rich and easily accessible from Durban and Johannesburg.