Jessica Harris

  • Ethiopian Entrepreneur Loops Back Home To Make Shoe History

    By Jessica Harris, 2:19 pm AFKI Original

    Fashion, trends and market value all play a role in the footwear industry — people invest in their feet. Be it Nike, Christian Louboutin, Gucci or Puma, what person doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? Mikahyel Tesfaye, an Ethiopian shoe designer, was in the fashion industry for more than a decade before he decided to launch Passport Articles De Voyage in 2009 through an exclusive Adidas collection partnership. Spending the early part of his career learning the craft of manufacturing products and working for large New York City-based corporations like Eckō Unltd., Tesfaye was led him into wardrobe styling and eventually design.

  • Ethiopian Designer Looks to Take Handbag, Local Fashion Business by Storm

    By Jessica Harris, 4:15 pm AFKI Original

    Most countries in Africa haven’t been crowned fashion capitals just yet. Some regions, however, have taken many in the fashion industry by surprise. Companies like Hugo Boss, Prada and Cartier have helped to expand the growing luxury market within Africa. One particular individual feels it is a personal call to show the world just what Africa really has to offer — on and off the runway.

  • Editorial: Is Africa’s Luxury Market As Promising As it Seems?

    By Jessica Harris, 1:13 pm AFKI Original

    The luxury market challenges the urbanism and poverty that many are accustomed to and offers unique invitations from various countries with stylish getaways that cater to the likeness of a home away from home. If Africa can make infrastructure a priority and keep political tensions — which often hinder tourism development — to a minimum, then it can certainly compete in the big leagues leaving its rival China in the dust.

  • Editorial: Why Global Businesses Are Following Retail Boom in Africa

    By Jessica Harris, 1:17 pm AFKI Original

    South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya are among the pioneering countries in which businesses have successfully tapped into the retail industry. While many investors are taking the wait-and-see approach, there is no denying that Africa’s growth will flourish. When retailers choose Africa as a location for investment, there is job creation for a job-ready population — and this is a key in increasing Africa’s middle class.

  • Q&A: AppsTech CEO Rebecca Enonchong on Enterprise Apps, Global & Mobile Tech

    By Jessica Harris, 11:23 am AFKI Original

    The mobile and telecom industry is flourishing in Africa. New technology is allowing Africa to achieve new heights. Through simple changes and new innovations, companies, small business owners and everyday people have positively impacted things such as communication, business and job growth.