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  • The Fighting Bulls Of Western Kenya

    Fighting Bulls of Western Kenya By Frank Mutulu, 8:01 am

    Bullfighting in Kakamega County, Kenya, isn’t like bullfighting in Spain. Instead of matadors fighting bulls, bulls fight each other. Before the fight, the bulls are fed busaa – a local homemade beer – believed to make them feistier. Chanting traditional war songs and poking the air with twigs, the audience watches as a choice bull from one village locks horns with one from another. Despite opposition by animal rights activists, visitors are curious to witness local customs, and there’s growing interest to make bullfighting a tourist attraction here.

  • Most Marketed Ethnic Community In East Africa: Who Are The Maasai?

    who are the Maasai By Frank Mutulu, 7:26 pm

    Other than an acacia tree at sunset, the most common icon of Africa is a Maasai warrior. We’ve all seen the images of tall and slender men draped in red shawls, standing stork-like on one leg and leaning on a spear shaft. Stories of tourists coming to Africa and falling in love with Maasai are now commonplace. They are known to be handsome people. In the evenings, Maasai warriors sometimes gather to dance in rhythm. One by one, they take turns jumping high in the air with spears at their side. The average Maasai warrior leaps up to four feet in the air.

  • Visiting Kogelo, Kenya, Ancestral Village Of U.S. President Barack Obama

    Kogelo, Kenya By Frank Mutulu, 6:19 pm

    Very few Kenyans could point out Kogelo on a map and it remained relatively unknown until Barack Obama secured a victory in the U.S. presidential elections. This town without electricity, no proper access by road and poor infrastructure was soon an attraction for visitors. The Kenyan government began making improvements in security, health clinics and roads in the area. Today it is a thriving town that acts as a trade center and most significantly, as a tourism destination.

  • 10 Events Worth Checking Out While You’re In Kenya

    events worth checking out while you're in Kenya By Frank Mutulu, 9:36 am

    If you’re headed to Kenya but are not sure of your dates yet, consider planning your trip around some of the many cultural, athletic, culinary and charitable events held throughout the year. For motor sport enthusiasts, the Rhino Charge is an off-roading contest of skill and guts that is entertaining to watch. It’s organized in May or June by the The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust to conserve the Aberdares National Park. The trust was established in 1988 to help save Kenya’s black rhino population.

  • 5 Voluntourism Opportunities In Kenya

    voluntourism opportunities By Frank Mutulu, 10:01 am

    Some hotels and lodges in Kenya have volunteer activities you can do during your stay. Other organizations offer week-long projects you can do at the beginning or end of your trip. This allows you to combine a vacation with volunteer work, and kill two birds with one stone. Even if you feel that you lack relevant skills, you can still put your time and effort toward helping local communities. The reward? Getting to see a whole different side of Kenya by immersing yourself in the local culture. Here are five independent organizations that offer opportunities for voluntourism in Kenya.

  • The Best Business Hotels In Nairobi

    By Frank Mutulu, 7:00 pm

    A good business hotel needs to be more than a place where the corporate traveler sleeps for eight hours, fires off the occasional email, and has a meeting or two. Considering the premium prices that business travelers pay, a fast hotel wireless connection alone isn’t enough — they should eat well, drink well, get pampered, and have top-of-the-line technology at their fingertips.

  • 7 Great Nairobi Area Getaways

    nairobi area getaways By Frank Mutulu, 7:00 pm

    Looking to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life in Nairobi? Then why not take a day trip? The following easy getaways offer stunning views, exciting activities, and best of all, prices that won’t leave you hurting. Here are seven Nairobi area getaways that are perfect for a day or night away from the manic city.

  • 10 Exotic Places To Tie the Knot In Kenya

    places to tie the knot in kenya By Frank Mutulu, 8:55 am

    In 2010 Prince William chose the foot of Mount Kenya as the ideal place to pop the question to Kate Middleton. But even ordinary non-royals can get the thrill of proposing to — or marrying — their beloved ones in any of the exotic locales around Kenya. Africa in general — and Kenya in particular — is increasingly popular as a place for a romantic destination wedding. Take a look at 10 places in Kenya to get married in style.

  • The Most Beautiful African Insects And Creepy-Crawlies

    african insects By Frank Mutulu, 10:17 am

    The last thing you want to see while on vacation in a beautiful African country is a bug nonchalantly making its way across your shoe, right? Not necessarily. Some African insects are actually quite beautiful, and can even enhance a trip. Hard to believe? Read on to find out about some of the creepily fascinating — and strangely fashion-forward — bugs you might encounter.

  • 10 Chilled-Out Things To Do In Nairobi

    things to do in nairobi By Frank Mutulu, 8:58 am

    Before (or after) chasing the Big Five across the vast savanna and learning the traditional ways of the Maasai, most visitors to Kenya have at least a day in Nairobi to spend as they wish. Though the city has a reputation as a noisy, crowded, frenetic metropolis, it is possible to avoid that side of Nairobi if you pick your activities wisely. With that in mind, here are 10 ideas for fun, low-stress things to do in Nairobi.