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  • 12 Of Africa’s Back-To-The-Future Architectural Wonders

    Africa’s back-to-the-future architectural wonders By Daniella Sforza, 7:51 am AFKI Original

    Ranked the second best airport in the region, the Kigali International Airport can accommodate a 747 jumbo jet, but authorities are looking to relocate it to enable additional runways. What will become of this retro futuristic wonder? Some African buildings incorporate colonial influences and African traditions in ways that make them look alien. Here are 12 of Africa’s back-to-the-future architectural wonders.

  • 12 Things Isabel dos Santos Has That You Do Not

    By Daniella Sforza, 1:20 pm AFKI Original

    As chairwoman of the Angolan Red Cross, Isabel allegedly paid $1 million for American singer Mariah Carey to appear at a December 2013 charity fundraising gala. Mariah’s notes hit high on the list of singing for dictators. The daughter of the Angolan president, she’s Africa’s first-known female billionaire. She can have anything she wants. Here are 12 things Isabel dos Santos has that you do not.

  • 12 Contemporary African Artists Rocking The Art World

    By Daniella Sforza, 12:42 pm AFKI Original

    Senegalese Fabrice Monteiro studied industrial engineering and later worked as a model. In 2007 he met his mentor in New York City and embarked on career as artist, photojournalist, fashion and portrait photographer. He has constructed a visual universe within his images that captures the beauty of the African face and soul, against the backdrop of apocalyptic landscapes. Here are 12 contemporary African artists rocking the art world thanks to innovative approaches in artistic expression.

  • 15 Ancient Super Plants That Could Eradicate Africa’s Food Crisis

    By Daniella Sforza, 2:45 am AFKI Original

    A beautiful, edible flowering, celosia has as many varieties as it has uses. It’s also known as Lagos spinach, and Nigerians sometimes call it soko yokoto — “make husbands fat and happy.” It’s used for ailments including blood diseases, mouth sores, and eye problems. Researchers say hunger could be eradicated and money made in Africa by tapping into ancient crops such as these 15 ancient super plants. Some of them have become world superstars. Others have been barely heard of outside Africa.

  • 15 African Proverbs To Live By

    15 African proverbs By Daniella Sforza, 10:15 am

    About 100,000 Bondei people live in the Usambara Mountains in the Tanga Region of Northeastern Tanzania. This proverb, credited to them, shows the value they place on community: “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” These are 15 African proverbs to live by, handed down like heirlooms from one generation to the next. All are worth heeding.

  • 1 South African And 11 Hindu Yoga Gurus Who Helped Change The World

    By Daniella Sforza, 12:41 pm AFKI Original

    Gururaj Ananda Yogi moved from India to South Africa and became a successful businessman. After learning from his guru, he began giving meditation practice in his living room in Cape Town. In 1974 he started the South African Meditation Society, the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment and mediation societies around the world. Shiva, the first yogi, taught seven sages in the art and science of yoga. The tradition continues. Here are 12 yoga gurus who helped change the world.