Claudine Moore

  • 5 Top Digital Tools For Corporate Communication Executive In Africa

    By Claudine Moore, 5:04 am AFKI Original

    We live in an age where the sharing and exchange of information seems to happen faster than the speed of light and for African executives in the Public Relations and communication industries this has had a direct impact on the way we do our work. This is especially the case as the interest in our continent across all industries grows and we have to ensure we can compete at the same level and pace as our peers in other parts of the world.

  • AFKI Corporate: Top 6 Predictions For Africa’s PR Industry In 2016

    By Claudine Moore, 3:59 am

    Benchmarks of this growth in the African PR and communications industry in 2015 include the move by agency Hill+Knowlton Strategies to expand its footprint on the continent by opening an office in the key West African market of Nigeria in early 2015 as well as the increase in the need for fully fledged pan-African communications and PR campaigns spanning several markets

  • AFKI Corporate: How African Organizations Can Deal With Negative Perceptions

    By Claudine Moore, 2:29 am

    What was once the inside business knowledge of a few, is now the global knowledge of many: Africa is open for business. African economies are booming and the region is second only to Asia in terms of economic growth. Despite the abundance of data highlighting the opportunities, African organizations face a huge global communications challenge. The challenge is effectively counteracting the negative perception

  • AFKI Corporate: When A Crisis Hits…What Should You Say?

    By Claudine Moore, 3:25 am AFKI Original

    The biggest mistake African organizations or governments make in crises is to appear out of touch and unconcerned. Audiences can accept mistakes if you are transparent about it. An organization can convey empathy, sorrow and sympathy without admitting legal liability, and this will go a long way in protecting your reputation.

  • AFKI Corporate: Who Are The Best Spokespeople During A Crisis?

    By Claudine Moore, 3:54 am AFKI Original

    Being prepared and having a crisis communications strategy in place is crucial for all African organizations regardless of their sector, size or industry private, non-profit and governmental. The response strategy by the Malaysian government and their handling of the still missing flight M370 and the Nigerian government and their handling of the still missing kidnapped schoolgirls has highlighted the need for solid crisis communications strategies and planning at all levels.

  • AFKI Corporate: The Creation Of A Media Crisis

    By Claudine Moore, 12:51 pm AFKI Original

    Over the last several weeks and months the world has witnessed several countries going through crisis situations, and we have witnessed these crisis being handled with varying degrees of efficiency.

  • AFKI Corporate: Balancing #Bringbackourgirls and Africa’s Progressive Story

    By Claudine Moore, 4:06 am AFKI Original

    The appalling kidnapping of nearly 300 girls in the Northern Nigerian state of Borno, Nigeria at the hands of the terrorist group Boko Haram, which literally translates as ‘Western Education is Sinful’, is one of the most shocking and boldest moves of a terror organization since 9/11. In terms of global perception, this incident has set Nigeria back, and some may argue Africa as a whole, 50 years,

  • AFKI Corporate: Africa’s Negative Perceptions Vs. Your Business Story

    By Claudine Moore, 5:30 am AFKI Original

    Appalling terrorist attacks by Boko Haram. A visit to CAR by the U.N. Secretary-General highlighting the growing chaos. The message behind these headlines is clear. Africa is all-round bad news. Despite the impressive stories of growth, bad news from Africa creates a negative perception of the continent. This will continue to make corporate investors, entrepreneurs and strategic partners cautious about venturing into the continent.

  • AFKI Corporate: Effective Social Media Use For African Professionals

    By Claudine Moore, 2:28 am AFKI Original

    With the unprecedented growth across Africa comes a variety of attention including attention in the form of companies and brands searching for the best talent to work with on the continent. This is truly an exciting time for African executives as opportunities abound like never before, and elevating your personal reputation is essential to ensure you stand out amongst your peers.