Colin Kilkelly

  • Off-Road Adventure: Cruising Morocco’s Monsterous Erg Chebbi Dunes

    Erg Chebbi dunes By Colin Kilkelly, 7:00 am

    Merzouga, a bustling desert town, is the jumping-off point for journeys into the desert. You’ll need a 4×4 and a local driver. You can feel the sand, soft as talcum powder, sucking the vehicle down as you cross the wadi. The locals are friendly. They’ll invite you for tea in exchange for cigarettes. Nomads have been living here for millennia, but the rhythm of life is the same as it ever was. To be a nomad is the pinnacle of Arabian nobility. The Prophet himself was a nomad. In ancient times, it took camel trains two months to get from Merzouga to Timbuktu. Now the same journey takes two days in a 4×4.

  • City Guide: Essaouira, Morocco

    essaouira kittens By Colin Kilkelly, 5:05 pm

    Those looking for a more “authentic” Moroccan experience come to Essaouira to explore the historic 18th century fortifications and colorful alleyways, to wander through the shops, souks and art galleries, and to relax in the beachside cafes.

  • City Guide: Algiers, Algeria

    notre dame d'afrique By Colin Kilkelly, 5:30 pm

    Known as “Algiers the White” because of its beautiful white buildings that overlook the sea, Algiers dazzles all who venture here, despite being rough around the edges. The city has great tourism potential and is rich in cultural and scenic experiences, including fine beaches, beautiful mountain scenery, Roman ruins, ancient rock paintings, and desert oases.

  • Africa City Guide: Morocco’s “White City,” Rabat

    By Colin Kilkelly, 4:11 am

    Known as Morocco’s “white city,” Rabat has a relaxed, unhurried ambiance, not unlike a welcoming university town. Rabat has much to offer tourists, and is a great place to get the feel of Morocco if you’re ready to go beyond more popular cities such as Fez and Marrakech.

  • Africa City Guide: The Best Of Tangiers, Morocco

    By Colin Kilkelly, 5:01 am

    Tangiers is a 2500 year-old city with a vivid history that mixes Roman, Moorish, Berber, Spanish, Ottoman, and Portuguese cultures into one unique melting pot. Between its ancient medina and Kasbah, forested parks, museums, history of writers and artists, and beaches, the city features something for everyone.