Ava Williams

  • Q&A: Ghana Hub Builds A Tech Haven From The Ground Up

    By Ava Williams, 4:00 am AFKI Original

    The iSpace hub is serious about creating a community and space for Ghana’s techies to succeed. Through offering members access to the Internet, office space, meeting rooms, event space and training, iSpace nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit of tech enthusiasts. Launched in June 2013 by co-founders Fiifi Baidoo and Josiah Eyison, the business partners planned to create an avenue for start-ups to get easier access to “entry barriers of entrepreneurs,” Baidoo told AFKInsider.

  • Hive Colab: A Place for Tech Enthusiasts to Collaborate in Uganda

    By Ava Williams, 12:41 pm AFKI Original

    As the founder of Hive Colab and the director, respectively, Jon Gosier and Barbara Birungi are ardent about establishing a community for Uganda’s techies. The hub is a free space for all aspiring entrepreneurs and developers in the technology field. The only requirement for potential members is to be working on a new venture or seeking to develop a new idea.

  • SOCCKET Ball: Providing Energy, Purpose Driven Play in Africa

    By Ava Williams, 12:33 pm AFKI Original

    For some, running up and down a soccer field with cleats clogged with blades of emerald green grass and dirt; vertical stripped alternating colored socks; mid-calf length shorts and a brightly hued short sleeve shirt is simply a way to have fun. For those in developing countries that use the SOCCKET ball, it’s more than just play time. It’s an opportunity to create power and kick-start global change.

  • [Q&A] Hub Co-Founder Markos Lemma on Iceaddis: Ethiopia’s Tech Advancement

    By Ava Williams, 11:14 am AFKI Original

    Iceaddis, a university-based technology hub in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia strives to allow emerging technology entrepreneurs to gather, create and implement innovation ideas. Part of the icehubs network of the Middle East and Africa, iceaddis offers suppor