• African Beauty Champions Luxury Eco-Spa Product Range

    By akillick, 10:32 am

    Entrepreneur Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao arrived in South Africa in the middle of the recession with a unique skill set and found getting a job difficult. “This, to be honest, was the catalyst to me biting the bullet and starting Malée,” she said.

  • Mike Eilertsen: My 5 Biggest Business Mistakes In Africa

    By akillick, 9:30 am

    Mike Eilertsen is only 31, but as CEO of LiveOutLoud – Southern Africa’s largest luxury lifestyle brand – he’s already being dubbed Africa’s version of Richard Branson. He started his multi-million rand venture in 2007, with R300 (about $33) that he’d earned in waitering tips and has leveraged his networks into a sustainable, award-winning business […]

  • African Tuck Shop Owner Has Supermarket Dreams

    By akillick, 10:54 am

      By Amanda Killick Bessie Mogale dreams of turning her spaza shop, or tuckshop, located in a South African township, into a supermarket chain by 2020. Mogale didn’t let poverty or negative circumstances get her down. She runs the shop from her home in one of Rustenburg’s informal townships. She’s not alone. According to a recent […]