Adel Groenwald

  • From Kahawa Chungu to Cappuccino: Kenya’s Developing Coffee Culture

    By Adel Groenwald, 8:00 pm

    Though coffee is a staple of the West, we’re indebted to Africa for supplying us with our favorite perk-me-up bliss. Coffee originates from Ethiopia, but today it’s produced in many other southern hemisphere countries as well: Brazil, Costa Rica, Uganda, Burundi and Kenya among them. Despite the fact that it is a large exporter of beans, in Kenya coffee culture only recently started taking off with the advent of Western-style cafes.

  • The Food Lover’s Guide To Franschhoek

    le-quartier-francais-food By Adel Groenwald, 10:00 pm

    Franschhoek is fondly referred to as the culinary capital of South Africa – and with good reason. The town’s tastebud-pleasing, boundary-pushing eateries take you beyond the town and into the heart of its wine farms. A weekend of long lunches, laid-back wine tastings, and wonderful pairings of the two just became your next must-do trip in South Africa.

  • Romance Among The Trees: Enchanting Forest Escapes On The Garden Route

    Trogon-House-and-Forest-Spa-2 By Adel Groenwald, 9:12 am

    It’s early morning in a forest in the Tsitsikamma. You’re buried beneath a thick duvet and soft pillows, not entirely awake yet. But the chatter of indigenous birds and the rustling of leaves and branches outside your forest suite served as a natural alarm. The sun creates long streams of misty light through the trunks and onto the wooden floors.