Ann Brown

  • Israeli Solar Power Technology To Power Ethiopia

    By Ann Brown, 10:00 am

    From yNet/Written by Anav Silverman Ethiopia is aiming to enhance access to affordable and environmentally-friendly renewable energy for its population, with the country’s Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy announcing last month that it had signed an agreement with an Israeli solar-hybrid power company to further this goal. The leading Israeli developer of solar-biogas hybrid […]

  • Egypt’s Revolutionary Artist Ganzeer Opens NY Show

    By Ann Brown, 8:00 pm

    From The Nation/written by Ali Gharib One of the works that will appear prominently in the Egyptian artist Ganzeer’s first New York solo show today has already been displayed to any of the thousands who attended one of this fall’s anti-police brutality protests. It’s a silk-screened print in yellow and blue, with a picture of […]

  • Chinese Facing Backlash In Africa

    By Ann Brown, 12:00 pm

    From The Economist Cross Africa, radio call-in programs are buzzing with tales of Africans, usually men, bemoaning the loss of their spouses and partners to rich Chinese men. “He looks short and ugly like a pygmy but I guess he has money,” complained one lovelorn man on a recent Kenyan show. True or imagined, such […]

  • Ghana Restaurants Targeting To Growing Middle Class

    By Ann Brown, 11:00 am

    From Reuters/Written by By Matthew Mpoke Bigg As the boss of one of Ghana’s busiest restaurants, Afua Asante has a lot on her plate, from managing a team of 40 to ensuring each dish is cooked just so. This week she has an extra headache: her palm wine supplier may be trying to cheat her. […]

  • Africa’s A Billion-Dollar Market For Indian Hair Firms

    By Ann Brown, 1:00 pm

    From Quartz/Written by Manu Balachandran Lately, an unusual and lucrative business opportunity has been created in Africa for Indian beauty and wellness companies—human hair. Indian hair, renowned for its strength and texture, has become a sought-after commodity in Africa, where it is sold as wigs or extensions. The demand is such that it has encouraged many […]

  • South African Power Company Eskom Starts Rolling Power Outages

    By Ann Brown, 9:00 am

    From CNBC Africa   South African power utility Eskom said  it had implemented rolling blackouts in some parts of the country. These are the first of such power cuts this year. The company said in a statement on its web site that this was being done “due to high demand or urgent maintenance being performed […]

  • Land Rights For Women Vital For African Development

    By Ann Brown, 8:00 pm

    From allAfrica Although both women and men have rights to land under statutory and customary tenure, the rights of women and men differ in origin, duration and scope, and are influenced by the legal rules and social norms related to marriage and other family relationships.  As a result, women’s rights to land and other property […]

  • Canadian’s Campaign To Help Unemployed Youth In Uganda Gets International Attention

    By Ann Brown, 7:00 pm

    From by by Yolande Cole This spring, organizer Daphne Nederhorst hopes to draw 10,000 people to the event, which aims to help marginalized youth start their own businesses. The Vancouverite and founder of the NGO Sawa World has even drawn the attention of Richard Branson and his non-profit foundation Virgin Unite, which promoted Nederhorst’s […]

  • Protests In Algeria Over Shale Gas Exploitation

    By Ann Brown, 7:00 pm

    From ABC News/Written By AOMAR OUALI Protests in Algeria’s remote and sparsely populated south over efforts to exploit the country’s vast shale gas reserves spread to the regional capital, the state news agency reported. Algeria has the third-largest estimated shale gas reserves in the world, after China and Argentina. With the country’s once-rich oil and […]

  • Hollywood In Morocco

    By Ann Brown, 5:00 pm

    From The Daily Beast Soft red rocks adorn the landscape, and fluffy capes of snow grace the mountain peaks, as the road winds through dusty villages to Ouarzazate, Morocco. En route, carcasses hang over makeshift grill stations where travelers stop to feast on the five-hour journey from Marrakech. I point at the red flesh hanging […]