Ann Brown

  • South African Airways Stops Flights To China

    By Ann Brown, 8:00 pm

    There will be no more direct flights by South African Airways (SAA) to China starting in May. The struggling airline can no longer afford to do the long route, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene said. “According to the minister, the move is part of a strategy to turn around the finances of SAA and part of […]

  • Q&A: Why Cabo Verde Leads Africa In Gender Equity At Work

    By Ann Brown, 2:05 am AFKI Original

    Only three or four African countries rank higher than Cabo Verde in terms of gender equality. Still there’s work to be done. Women here are often expected to keep the house, make the meals, and “stay in the house” while the men socialize. But this seems to be changing with the newer generations of women. “There is a clear understanding that the Cape Verdean men behave differently when they are living in U.S. because the laws are applied and women’s rights are respected,” said gender advocate Carla Santos Carvalho.

  • South Africa Moves Ahead With It Nuclear Energy Program

    By Ann Brown, 9:00 pm

    According to the South African government, it is making headway its nuclear energy-building program. “South Africa continues to make significant progress with various prospective nuclear-vendor countries towards the expansion in the nuclear energy development program based on a sustainable energy mix,” the Presidency said. “This program is premised on the country’s Nuclear Energy Policy of […]

  • Nigeria Announced It Will Boost Power Grid With 220 Megawatts

    By Ann Brown, 7:00 pm

    Nigeria’s power sector is getting a much needed boost. The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, announced that 220 megawatts of power would soon be added to the Egbin thermal station, Lagos. “What we have added newly to this plant is so huge that it is the President himself that can tell the nation,” he […]

  • Rwanda Receives $70 Million Credit From World Bank

    By Ann Brown, 9:00 pm

    Rwanda will receive a $70 million credit from the World Bank to help the government  improve the efficiency, coverage, and harmonization of its social protection system. According to a press statement, this Development Policy Operation (DPO) will support the government’s National Social Protection Strategy and continue Rwanda’s effort to address chronic poverty and reduce the […]

  • Korea’s Daewoo Leaves Cameroon

    By Ann Brown, 5:00 pm

    Korea’s leading trading firm Daewoo International Corporation closed its subsidiary in Cameroon. The international trading, investment, and resource development company had opened in Yaoundé, one of its five subsidiaries in Africa. “No official reason was given as to what led to the closure although some sources suggest that structural causes are behind the move,” reports Star […]

  • African Entrepreneurs Not Taking Up Govt. Support

    By Ann Brown, 8:00 pm

    From   An Oxford University report has systematically examined how the ingenuity of African entrepreneurs is being supported. It found while government schemes and policies are in place to support Ghanaian businesses, in practice very few firms are taking advantage of them. The researchers used Ghana as a case study to identify the possible […]

  • Zimbabwe Seeks International Investments

    By Ann Brown, 5:00 pm

    From The Standard/Written BY TARISAI MANDIZHA Zimbabwe is in desperate need of investment to stimulate economic growth. Desire Sibanda, head of Fiscal Policy and Investment Promotion in the Finance ministry told a validation workshop that there was need to realise the importance of attracting investment and growing the economy since Zimbabwe had the least Foreign […]

  • Baby Elephant Export Threatens Tourism In Zimbabwe

    By Ann Brown, 4:00 pm

    From allAfrica Wildlife conservation groups have intensified calls for government to stop the exportation of baby elephants. The petition — originated by Johnny Rodrigues — director for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF), calling for the government of Zimbabwe to cease the exportation of baby elephants to China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and France is […]

  • Signs Of Recovery For Madagascar’s Economy

    By Ann Brown, 12:00 pm

    From Reuters Madagascar’s economy showed early signs of recovery in 2014 with growth estimated at 3 percent, which could rise to 5 percent in 2015, but political instability, weak institutions and weak governance are hurting prospects, the IMF said. The Indian Ocean island’s economy was battered after a 2009 coup that drove away donors and […]