Congo-Brazzaville Breweries Bet On Consumer Expansion

By Makula Dunbar Published: December 31, 2014, 1:27 pm

Bralico, Congo-Brazzaville’s third largest brewery, according to CCTV Africa is on a mission to transform the country’s beer industry. While interest in the beverage is growing, the company plans to scale business up to prepare for the demand. Consumers described Bralico’s products as modern and beer that doesn’t pose any problems after drinking. While the country’s pool of alcohol drinkers sits at 25 percent, that figure has been projected to expand, CCTV Africa noted.

“Say ‘thank you’ to the Congolese state, which brought this kind of drink. For us…people drink, they’re happy. You eat, you sleep, you wake up well without a problem,” one consumer, Malanda Michel, said in the report.

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