Things You Didn’t Know About Post-Apartheid Afrikaans Culture

By Aniela Swider AFKI Original Published: April 15, 2015, 4:00 pm

The emergence of Afrikaans as a language started as early as 1685. It was a version of Dutch being spoken in a new Dutch colony — South Africa. In 1905, Gustav Preller was determined to create Afrikaans as the “white man’s language” in South Africa. We know now that he didn’t succeed. Apartheid is the Afrikaans word for segregation. In 1925, Afrikaans was recognized as an official language and was closely tied to apartheid. So what happened to Afrikaans speakers when apartheid ended? Here are 10 things you didn’t know about post-apartheid Afrikaans culture.

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1. Afrikaans was a major topic during apartheid-ending negotiations

When formal negotiations started around 1991 to end apartheid, the Afrikaner nationalists were committed to the constitutional equality of English and Afrikaans. The ANC wanted English to be the only official language of South Africa for political and economic reasons. If the ANC conceded to another official language besides English by accepting Afrikaans as an official language, they could not justify to their constituents why the other indigenous African languages were not included.

2. South Africa now has 11 national languages; Afrikaans is one of them

Afrikaans, like all 11 national languages of South Africa, is protected by the constitution. The South African Constitution of 1996 says one has the right to use the language of his or her choice and practice his or her own culture. The official languages must be treated equally. However, the national and provincial governments may use a particular language based on preference and needs of the population as a whole, but the national government and each provincial government must use at least two official languages.

3. Afrikaans speakers are on the rise in South Africa

According to the 2011 census study, there are 6.85-million first-language Afrikaans speakers in South Africa versus 5.98 million a decade earlier.  Afrikaans speakers have a higher employment rate than non-Afrikaans speakers, so it pays to speak the language.

4. Afrikaans speakers are mostly coloured

Afrikaans is not a “white” language as some may argue. The majority of Afrikaans speakers in South Africa are what the country considers coloured. The term coloured is contentious. Coloureds are people of mixed lineage with origins from Europe, Asia, and various Khoisan and Bantu tribes of Southern Africa.

5. Afrikaans-only schools still exist

In 1976, high school students in Soweto protested Afrikaans instruction, associating Afrikaans with apartheid. Black South Africans wanted English instruction and many still do. The Soweto Uprising that resulted from the protest resulted in the death of 176 students. It is considered a catalyst of the movement to end apartheid and signifies South African resistance to oppression. Almost 40 years later, there are still Afrikaans-only schools in South Africa, although statistics show that many Afrikaans-instruction schools have been or are being transitioned to English-instruction schools.  The South African School Act states that schools may determine the language of instruction subject to the constitution. There are still areas in South Africa where there are no English-instruction schools.

6. Some students still want to be taught in Afrikaans, but more prefer to be taught in English

The South African Bill of Rights mandates that everyone may receive an education in the official language of their choice. English is the preferred language of learning for 64 percent of pupils.

7. South Africa has a university that promotes Afrikaans instruction

The University of Stellenbosch in the wine region of Stellenbosch is committed to preserving and sustaining Afrikaans as an academic language.  While the university is said to have a multicultural atmosphere, some classes are taught only in Afrikaans depending on the composition of the class. Although the university ranks in the world’s top 500 universities, language policy is considered by some to be evidence of the university’s reputation for excellence built on the oppressive apartheid system. Afrikaans instruction may still repel attendance by black South Africans for whom Afrikaans is not their language of choice.

8. Afrikaans music is alive, well and resurging

Post-apartheid South Africa saw dramatic growth in the popularity of Afrikaans-language music. Possible reasons include this: perhaps the end of apartheid meant the end of the privileged Afrikaans culture and therefore the Afrikaans-speaking community looked to music to represent pride in the Afrikaans linguistic and cultural heritage. Afrikaans music is currently one of the most popular and highest-selling genres on the South African music scene.

9. Afrikaans is an important advertising tool

The size of the Afrikaans-speaking community means TV and media must offer Afrikaans programming. The South African Broadcasting Corporation was restructured in 1996 for the new democracy and has been accused of favoring the ANC by cutting Afrikaans programs and broadcasting more in English. The Afrikaans-speaking community has criticized this.

10.  Afrikaans is everywhere

There are an estimated 10 million Afrikaans-spears worldwide. Additionally, Afrikaans is taught around the world including Canada, U.S., Poland, the U.K. and Namibia.

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  • Pieter Schoombee

    Afrikaans is an important advertising tool
    The ad you used to illustrate this page is in Dutch, a language spoken in The Netherlands. It is not Afrikaans.

  • Pieter Schoombee

    7. South Africa has a university that promotes Afrikaans instruction

    Why don’t you tell your readers that South Africa also has numerous universities with English as the language of instruction — two of those within an hour’s drive of Stellenbosch?

  • J du Plessis

    Whoever wrote this, does not have his/her facts straight. As an Afrikaans speaker and Afrikaans teacher, I can only laugh at this kind of “journalism”!! Ha-ha!

  • dan

    How can you put a Dutch advert to personify Afrikaans?,Is Afrikaans advertising so difficult to find? At the moment Afrikaans Universities are being changed to English by means of action just short and not devoid of violent demonstrations by ANC backed students,disrupting tuition of Afrikaans students that have the right to intuition in their own language and reflecting demographics. In a Country of more than 20 universities, only 2 universities are giving classes in Afrikaans,reflecting a community that is 65% Afrikaans speaking in this country. These two are not even 100% Afrikaans because it was forced by the aforementioned actions to cater for English students. Thereby getting the proverbial foot in the door to eliminate Afrikaans intuition by strangling its use as medium of instruction and thereby eliminating any future developement

  • Phillip

    All I know is that white afrikaners are a faaktup nation!

    • Shaun

      Go fuck yourself you ignorant cunt! Afrikaans speaking people are among the most advanced in the world. Was it not for Afrikaans speaking people South africa would still be a jungle!

    • Corrie

      And you must be one of them if I look at your spelling, one of those people that think if you only speak English you are better than the rest but you are in fact one of the worst kind of people.

    • Adriaan

      But, dear Philip, we ruled over 40m people for 40 years and gave it up willingly. Does not sound like a faaktup nation to me!

    • Jakkals

      Phillip ….. phillip ….. phillip ….. please do us all a favour and learn to spell or to use a computer !! clearly you don’t know how to do both !! or either …. fucking special kind of retarded dumbass you are

    • Shaun how can you claim that “white afriknaners are a faakup nation”? You sound veery biased to me.

  • Tony

    “Although the university ranks in the world’s top 500 universities, language policy is considered by some to be evidence of the university’s reputation of excellence built on the oppressive apartheid system.” – In my 60+ years of voracious reading in 4 languages, this must rank among the most contorted drivel I’ve ever read. University excellence built on apartheid?? A language policy (the university’s?) serving as a basis for a reputation of excellence?? Surely a university’s ranking/reputation is determined by its achievements, not by its medium of instruction – and that does not have to be US English. All universities have the right to set their language of instruction, and with the number of Afrikaans speakers on the increase it’s more a matter of ‘only’ two Afrikaans universities instead of ‘still’ two of them. They’re not die-hard relics, they are abreast (if not ahead) of the linguistic demographics.

    • Good point Tsepho. It woud be good if other blacks coud separate the language and people from Apartheid. Let us relies that we are all South Africans regarless of race and language. Let us give Afrikaners due criudit for the contriburuins that they have made to South Africa and stop bashing them for Apartheid. Aparteid is over so let’s live in harmony and all of us as South Africans let’s learn to accept and aprecate eatch other. This measage is meant to all of you South Africans who are living in the past wherer you are a White Right Wing Afrikaner or a black Pan African Nationalist your outdated racism has no place in the new South Africa.

  • Tshepo

    What a load of hogwash!!

    My mother tongue is Afrikaans and I am black!!! What a piece of rubbish. Clearly the journalist did not do his homework when writing this article. Afrikaans is not a “racist” language and certainly does not promote apartheid. It is articles like these that gives such a negative view of a beautiful language.

    So I will quote in Afrikaans:

    Afrikaans is ‘n pragtige taal wat die beeld en prag van ons Suid Afrikaners weerspieël, ek is trots (Swart) Afrikaans!

    (Translate) Afrikaans is a beautiful language that shows the image and beauty of South Africans. I am proud (Black) Afrikaans!

    • Ernst Du Toit

      Tshepo you are a beautiful person.Show these people that not all black or white(like me) people are the same.Jy het my dag gemaak 🙂 (Translation) You made my day.

    • ronee

      This whole things you don’t know about Afrikaans is written by a racist ignoramus, no doubt one of those monolinguals who can speak only english. When are we having things you don’t know about english, with the information that, in South Africa, it is the language of holocaust?

    • Theuns Kruger

      If I, whose mother tongue is also Afrikaans, had criticised the article, I would have been called a typical racist Afrikaner, simply by inference, and because I happen to be white. I am often amused, and angered by such gross generalisations and assumptions about people.
      So, thank you, Tshepo, for having the courage to say what you did. 🙂

    • Adriaan

      Tshepo for president!!

  • Victoria

    This article is ridiculously biased. As an Afrikaaner, i find this drivel extremely insulting. If we are judging the legitimacy of a language on the past speakers ideology, does German deserve to die out due to the Nazis? Or Russian due to the USSR? Or English due to the atrocities committed by the British and the USA? Or Chinese due to communism in China? Japanese due to the acts of war? If this is how the future of any language is to be decided, then soon we will not be able to communicate at all. And one more point, the South African “coloureds” speak on of many different dialects of Afrikaans.

    • Good point George. It is time that people separted the Afrikaans Language and people from the Apartheid policy ( take Apartheid out of the equation).

  • George

    Your 2nd “Thing that people don’t know about Afr.” is not even about the language! It’s part of a law which everybody knows about, you idiot!! Another propaganda piece!

  • Cathy

    Aniela Swider has clearly never been to South Africa, she has no insight into the importance of education – in any language. The importance of culture – in our Rainbow Nation! She never bothered to ask herself why Nelson Mandela found it imperative to integrate the “Afrikaners” into the New South Africa nor even does she understand that language is a means of communication, not a political point of view and that people of ALL ethnic groups have a choice to speak a language they can communicate their needs to others in, no one here is forced to speak Afrikaans, no one here is prevented from speaking Afrikaans and if there aren’t schools where tuition is offered in a person’s mother-tongue (which is stupidly unrealistic since that would necessitate 22 schools in every residential area to cater for the “incase we have Zulu speaker in Durbanville”). In South Africa parents are mature enough to accept that it’s better to have their children educated, whether in English, Afrikaans, Zulu or any other language, than to have no education at all! Strangely, we also have German, Chinese, Australian, British, American, Catholic, Muslim, IT, agricultural and many other specifically oriented schools where children receive instruction in their mother-tongue and/or a particular belief system or industry. The ANC is the government of South Africa and if they see fit to allow a singular university in the Cape to uphold the Afrikaans tradition and culture of teaching (a part to our heritage) – NOT a political infusion of apartheid – then what’s it got to do with her! The briefest look at the Stellenbosch University website displays people (students and tutors) of every South African ethnic group! I can only say; poor Aniela Swider, it’s people like you who probably party too much and then have to cram an article together (abusing Google) to justify getting paid enough in one month to educate a hard-done-by African child all the way into ANY university. Isn’t it time journalists start taking responsibility for the BS they steal our time and peace of mind with? It really makes one wonder how a site calling itself afrinsider can know so little about Africa? AND what kind of people are running it because they’re clearly NOT interested in what’s REALLY happening in Africa – just trying to keep the spotlight off their own incompetence – now that mommy no longer does their homework for them and daddy can’t buy them into a better position! (or, maybe this article is the result and payment is derived from Google Ads.) Viva South Africa – let’s ignore the crap and move forward as one nation – to fulfill our destiny of educating our children to do their own work, think for themselves, report the truth and make a meaningful difference in OUR WORLD!

  • Jake

    What absolute drivel. Afrikaans is wonderful language and has nothing to do with apartheid. Aniela Swider obviously doesn’t know the first thing about South Africa. Don’t think you can write an article about something if you just google’d it ten minutes ago for the first time. Cheap and uninformed journalism, nothing but an insult to society and Afrika as a whole.

  • jean

    Imagine that a South African grew up speaking English and learned none of the other 10 official languages. Imagine too that another South African grew up and could speak no English but became fluent in all other 10 official languages. Now imagine that those two people travelled around the world. Who would find it easiest to get around and communicate? Afrikaans is irrelevant in today’s world outside SA.

    • Ian Shaw

      I as an immigrant learned Afrikaans and had the honour of teaching technical courses at RAU. I am proud to say that in some of my publications I made a modest contribution to Afrikaans technical dictionary. I have only respect for Afrikaans and my ex-colleagues who accepted me as an equal and yes, RAU had produced world-class research in engineering,.

  • Ian Shaw

    Afrikaans universities like the now defunct RAU has been instrumental in creating a technical Afrikaans language unparallelled in other African languages. Teaching technical subjects in a home language and the ability to do world-class research were the consequences. When RAU “became” UJ, all of this effort was totally wasted.

    • Ian Shaw

      I as an immigrant learned Afrikaans and had the honour of teaching technical courses at RAU. I am proud to say that in some of my publications I made a modest contribution to Afrikaans technical dictionary. I have only respect for Afrikaans and my ex-colleagues who accepted me as an equal and yes, RAU had produced world-class research in engineering,.

  • Afrikaans have promoted a constitutional gov since Jan Smuts, we have 3 capitals. This puts us as one of the most important gov by example as against democracy…Now we lead…

  • Moses Moffat

    Fortunately or unfortunately Afrikaans is a dying language due to politics and emigration. Afrikaners never used to emigrate much but now more and more are doing so. If you do not believe me let us revisit this subject in another 20 years.

    • Andre de Kock

      Moses, The first word in your comment reveals your IQ. Most Afrikaans speakers are coloureds and they are going nowhere. Afrikaners might be emigrating but that is not the subject of this conversation.

  • Dr Jannie Lubbe

    I am proud to be a Afrikaner. We are some of the most clever people in the world. We build South Africa to one of the worlds most advanced countries. The ANCROOKED government destroyed most of it and is bleeding this country dry.

  • Tsipa

    To many of us, liberal South Africans, Afrikaans is a symbol of racism and white superiority over non-whites. It symbolizes hatred to other races. Most Afrikaners are racist and would criticize everything that a non-white does, however good it might be. Lest we forget the likes of PW Botha, HF Verwoed, Gideon Niewoudt and many more Afrikaner murderers who killed blacks, white, Asians and Coloured in the name of nationalism. I still want to produce documentary about atrocities committed by Afrikaners in South Africa since 1947 to 1994. Black people of South Africa only know Africa as their continent but were murdered, tortured and terrorized in their continent by Afrikaners. We’re all now expected to forget that and cheer Afrikaans as if it represents anything clamorous. To us it reminds us of everything that is ugly and repulsive. Afrikaans is a repugnant language representing racism. Finish and klaar.

    • Boer

      You call yourself a “liberal” South African. What you are in fact is a racist black man. It is a great pity to see black racists (especially in the ANC government) ruining the work of Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk by stoking racial hatret without end.

    • Adriaan

      Tsipa, You are going to be a bitter old man, rotten on the inside. You drink poison and think it will make white people die. As a black man why don’t you go to Nigeria. You will NOT be welcome there, because they prefer to deal with a white Afrikaner like me. They know how hopeless you and your kind is.

  • Christoff

    Nou wat probeer jy eintlik bereik met hierdie berig?

  • Juanita

    Dear Christoff
    After 20 years and you still have so much hatred – think it is time for some serious therapy. Move on and make peace with the past, so that the younger generation of South Africa have a better future in this country.

  • Clarence

    Why is it that everybody readily except that Afrikaans is a white man’s language?
    It is true that they had develop it to be the youngest language in the world which can be studied at any university
    It is true that they used it to reach their ideology of apartheid
    It is true that Afrikaans is fare better develop than any other African language
    It is true that they made it a language which is internationally recognisable
    But did you know in order for the settlers to gain their independence they had to have they own language and church. The church part was easy Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk (NGK) was established; when the settlers arrive they speak Dutch, English and Portuguese. So they just stood up one day and started to speak Afrikaans. Wrong they use the first available unrecognized language at hand “Kitchen Dutch” which was spoken by the slaves. It had already existed and they just develop the language of the coloured people and claim it as they own, and we accepted it as they language and we agreed with them. Like someone renting your house put up a wall and garden and called it his own. People please research and don’t believe everything the history books in school teaches you, it was meant to mislead because of the time it was written in, there is a lot of independent research out there regarding the original origins of “Afrikaans my Taal” .

  • mcgillivray

    I think American attitudes can be understood if we remember that it is unique: perhaps the only country ever to have moved from Barbarism to Decadence without passing through Civilisation (with apologies to Oscar Wilde for any mutilation of his quote). The world is in chaos because of American ignorance, tunnel vision and arrogance.

  • Michael

    There are more than ten things we do know about Afrikaners and their language in South Africa. The language was in fact hijacked by a group of thugs promoting apartheid. Apartheid was a political system introduced by the British colonialists into southern and central Africa and perfected by European emigrants such as Verwoerd. Apartheid was worse in the Rhodesia’s of Cecil Rhodes at times, than what it was in SA. Afrikaners suffered greatly in the years immediately following the Anglo-Boer War. The problems facing the “poor-whites” (Afrikaans speakers) are well documented in the Carnegie Study. All of this is now forgotten as Afrikaans is once again conveniently demonized. Anybody who truly knows the Afrikaners of all races would not write the rubbish in this article.

  • Adriaan

    Thank you Michael.

  • Kyle

    Nice try but you’re pretty wrong on the point that you’re trying to promote here. Over the same period that you’re measuring our population grew at around 19%. The increase you’re showing here is only around 13%. So it’s all fair and well that you say more people speak Afrikaans than a decade before, but you must also say that more people speak more of every other language. And the rate at which the population is adopting the other languages is higher than Afrikaans so technically speaking Afrikaans is on the decline (something I thought we all knew?). On a positive note thought there are 7 million more computer literate Afrikaners than a century ago. I would focus more on that.

  • Zulu

    65% speak Afrikaans! Where? Zulu is the most spoken language in South Africa

  • Nguni

    where is the 65% that speak Afrikaans! Zulu is the most spoken language in South Africa.

  • Marcelo

    I’m surprised that Tsipa, who I’m assuming is a Black South African, is being chastised for speaking his truth – the TRUTH. Who are you (Afrikaans speakers) as direct descendants of colonizers, plunderers, rapists and murders dare to speak to him/her that way. Do you have no shame! And how dare you to suggest after 30 years post-Apartheid that somehow the slate is wiped clean. Blacks, Coloureds and other minority groups (but mostly Blacks) have had to endure 300 years of slavery and colonization and you are concerned about how the Afrikaans language is being portrayed! Who cares what you think! Get over it! The majority of Black South Africans live on less than $US3/day in rat infested shacks without clean water, a toilet or electricity and you are worried about your precious Afrikaans?! How many of you Afrikaans speaking, Apartheid apologists live under such conditions? So until you are willing to give up your white privilege and trade places with a Black South African I suggest you be quiet and count your lucky stars that the ANC and Mandela didn’t go the route of Idi Amin and kick you out. Show some self-respect and gratitude to the people who basically gave you a home. Frankly, from the reading of these posts, you have clearly demonstrated that Apartheid has only ended in law, but not in the hearts and minds.

  • Dan

    Marcelo- so you admit that apartheid and oppression has come 300 years – so then it was not Verwoerd – Botha and the NP from 1947 but the British Scum that oppressed and irradicated the blacks and the Afrikaners during the Anglo Boer wars that was the main perpetrator – Current day Afrikaners still practices apartheid and racial hatred because as a nation that had to overcome the tragedies of the British oppression where thousands of women and children were butchered in Concentration camps, they are now again being pressurized as a minority . We must be grateful to the people that gave us a home – you must have fever, You sound like your president that blames it all on Jan v Riebeeck – the tribes in this country was still moving down from the North when old Jan landed at the cape – You are right to say that we can all thank Mandella for not kicking the whites out like Idi Cokebottle top Amin did, otherwise this country would have looked like Mad Bob’s Zim and Amin’s Uganda that looks like a modified Caveman country, – go back and look at all the North, East, West African Countries and compare it to the South – and you will see my point – but by ousting the white Africans -(Afrikaans speaking Afrikaner) you might just end up in a country like Idi Amin’s- We are steadily moving in that direction as a result of getting rid of the white African knowledge and expertise being sidelined by BEE. Do yourself a favour – and read the “Animal farm”

  • Dennis Marshall

    I have visited both East and Southern African Countries and I agree with what a lot of people are saying on here, show me one African country that is anything like South Africa answer is NONE as most black leaders want to line their pockets for them self, look at Zimbabwe they kicked the whites out, the place has gone back 50 years. Idi kicked the Asians out of Uganda the placed turned out to be a toilet so they they had to ask the Asians to come back to rebuild the country. The African whites are part of Africa just as the Indian Asians are part of Africa. Two wrongs do not make a right. Nazi germany did not mean that all germans were Nazi, just in the same way not all Anglo Boers are racist. I have seen blacks been racist against blacks.

    • Good point Cristen. Just take a look at the xenophobia going on in South Africa now that black South Africans are displaying towards other Africans. I condemn it and if this makes me a White South African a racist as far as black South Africans are concened then so be it.

      How logical is it for black South Africans to be xenophobic towards other Africans when it is these other African Nations that harbored your leaders who were in exile durng the Aparteid era.? Many of you black South Africans are Mamparas when it comes to logic. Stop blaming Apartheid for all your shortcomings Apartheid is over.

  • Cristen

    I am an English South African and this article is bullshit!!!..afrikaans started in 1600s and apartheid started in 1900s….the history of afrikaans has very little to do with apartheid!!!!…..

  • Guanita

    Fluff content at its best, poorly researched and meant to incite hate towards white Afrikaans South Africans. There is no such a thing that there are more whites than coloured people, the dutch advert you had is obviously not Afrikaans, Stellenbosch University is in the heart of the coloured community so I don’t see why they casn’t service the public in the most common language of the public. The Afrikaans musicians do it because they love it, not because they are sad that apartheid is over….What is wrong with you people? The white Afrikaners makes out less than 8% of the population(English & White South African together are 8%). Stop lying to the world, we are a small nation under genocidal attack and you are promoting it – segrregation was just that – not genocide. As for Tsipa – did you experience any apartheid? I think not I am thinking that you are a twenty something bloke from the city. Brainwashed with communistic propoganda. I am sorry to hear that apartheid has affected you so badly but you cant personify it with apartheid – what about the coloured and black people that choose to speak afrikaans – is there a big bad white man holding a gun to their heads if they speak another language? sis on you man

  • NotbornFree

    Marcelo – I am surprised that you can say that Afrikaans speakers are direct descendants of colonizers, plunderers, rapists and murders. If you checked your facts, you would see that 7000 terrorists died under apartheid – people that killed white and black alike. Do you have no shame! Do you know that after 30 years post-Apartheid that more than 70 000 white south africans have been butchered in the most heinous ways?. Blacks and Coloureds are not the minority groups in South Africa whites are and always have been. There was no 300 years of slavery and colonization happens everywhere. Yes, we are concerned about how the Afrikaans language is being portrayed! The majority of Black South Africans live on less than $US3/day in rat infested shacks without clean water, a toilet or electricity and you are worried about we are worried about our precious Afrikaans?! At leats 2 million of our 5 million white people live in rat infested shacks – so I think white privilege ended a long time ago and the Black South Africans should trade places with us. We don’t have to count our lucky stars that the ANC and Mandela didn’t go the route of Idi Amin and kick you out, we should pray for that cause maybe then we will be able to live in countries where minority rights are respected. We displayed self-respect and gratitude to the people who trekked into this country with us from north africa when the white government decided to end apartheid. You are a simple minded fool if you think that there where atrocities happening to the black people of south african under apartheid – history is written by the victors. Whites were alsways the minority and if apartheid was so bad the blacks could have stopped it way before they did, but they were benefiting they had the best hospitals in the world and was earning the same as free African Americans of the time although the $ was stronger than the rand. There were schools, cinemas, sports facilities etc… don’t be caught up inliberal nonsense – the segregation was in place as the western society could not cope with people who found it normal to walk around topless, was prone to xenephobia and believed that the strongest medicines are made from body parts of little children – with all the respect for my fellow south africans,I am sorry to say that. But I truly believe that this was the reason – 30 years into democracy black students are rioting toi have all black universities – something they had under apartheid. Apartheid was bad cause the white man called it something and if you live in South Africa you will know that the black man loves nothing more than pity on him.

  • Honest Black African

    Seems nothing can excite South Africans (especially whites) out of their hiding places like a good old race debate!!!. True enough whites have a important role to play in South Africa and the country would likely be worse off without them… but that’s only because as a people and a culture whites basically have more than 2000 years experience in statecraft and governance (Read about Rome e.t.c) and we have very little. And it is that inexperience and other cultural deficiencies that have let us down as Africans – but its nothing time cant fix. Now – the popular theme (amongst white on this post and outside) that THE generous, kind hearted white-man came all way from Europe just to save Africa from Africans is quite folly and ridiculous. Truth is, they were fleeing overcrowding and poverty in Europe – and after discovering backward locals here, they decided to play God – deciding who lives and who dies (and pretty much everything else that God does). But regardless – why cant we all let the past be the past and bygones be bygones and try to build a better nation for ourselves???

  • Jakkals

    Dearest people ….. I read all the comments about this article and its mind-blowing. Here is some pointers into the ” real ” south Africa :

    Firstly- Afrikaner (mostly farmers) are being butcher for nothing …
    Secondly- Afrikaners are being oppressed and is the most hated race in S.A
    Thirdly- Us as young Afrikaners are being blamed for apartheid and things that happened before we were even born !!
    Fourthly- BEE was created for equality, not for self gain and selfish greed ( which unfortunately for our black peeps is how our government is portraying it. Selfish greed and vengeance)
    Fifthly- My vernacular language is Afrikaans. Not English. Surprisingly I have not seen one that uses that vocabulary.

    Tshepo – you are a good man. Please don’t change man.

    Zulu and Nguni – Guys, S.A is not only KZN guys. Explore the rest of the country before posting useless and pointless posts !!

    Honest Black African- Bro, we don’t come out of our hiding places or become excited about race debates, read carefully man. our language is being targeted here. Unlike your people that kill, ransack, plunder, toy-toy, demonstrate or just lose your fucking minds over stuff that happened to your ancestors …. we are more civilized. Sure we can do all the shit that you guys do but then we would be call racist and marked as the Boeremag and executed …. and your alias … sorry but speaking the truth that alias is a lie. you don’t get them. unless you my pitbull, who is black, who’s name is African and he doesn’t speak so he cant lie ….

    in one way I agree …. let the past be the past so would somebody please inform old Jacob Zuma that old JvR From the 1600’s couldn’t be accountable for the shit our country is in now. But then apartheid was good. South Africa was a first world country back then with a strong economical growth and stable investors, the old regime used local production for export and imported less mechanize.


    kill the boer

  • Shaun you sound biased to me. How can you claim that “white Afrikaners are a faakup nation”?

  • Shaun you sound biased to me. How can you claim that “white Afrikaners are a faakup nation”?

  • It is time that the rest of the world begins to appreciate the role that Afrikaners have made to South Africa and stop equating Afrikaners and the Afrikaans Labguage to Apartheid.