How Paper Strips Reeled in Big Business for One Gardener in South Africa

By Makula Dunbar AFKI Original Published: July 29, 2014, 11:33 am


Claire Reid, founder of Reel Gardening, introduces her innovative agriculture product which simplifies planting. Included in a biodegradable paper strip is fertilizer, seeds and nutrients that help a particular vegetable grow. The paper strip can also be used as a labeling and measurement tool that places plants at the right depth in the ground. In part one of the interview, Reid tells AFKInsider about the development, passion and business model behind Reel Gardening.

"It was something I started to make at home with newspaper, flour, water and liquid fertilizer. It almost became like a craft project. I then entered it into a science competition to get extra marks at school and was able to develop the methodologies behind the testing of it further, with the help of my science teacher," she said. "It was only years later once I secured the funding to manufacture the product."

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