‘African Amazon’ Firm Plans Expansion Into Uganda, Ghana and Cameroon

By Kevin Mwanza Published: July 28, 2014, 8:16 am
Jumia has done well, and it can continue to grow. Photo - Jumia

Written by Emma Thomasson | From Reuters

Online retailer Jumia, a would-be African Amazon set up by German venture capital firm Rocket Internet, is expanding into three new markets – Uganda, Ghana and Cameroon, the company said on Monday.

Jumia, which launched in 2012, already operates in Nigeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Kenya, offering up to 100,000 different items for sale from its local warehouses.

The company has recently set up local offices in Uganda after initially launching a service there in February that relied on deliveries from Kenya. The Ghana and Cameroon sites are set to open within the coming weeks, a spokesman said.

“We know we are early. We are coming to markets which are not as mature in terms of Internet penetration and Internet savviness but still there is a big appetite for this service,” Jumia co-founder Sacha Poignonnec told Reuters.

Berlin-based Rocket Internet is bidding to create the largest Internet empire outside the United States and China, seeking to replicate the success of Amazon and Alibaba in markets such as Africa, Latin America and Russia.

Global consulting firm McKinsey estimates about 16 percent of sub-Saharan Africans, or just over 160 million people, are connected to the Internet, compared with nearly 75 percent in Europe and 32 percent in Asia.

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