Ebola Epidemic Effecting Economy In Liberia

By Ann Brown Published: April 6, 2014, 9:00 am

From allAfrica

The deadly Ebola Epidemic reported to have entered the Liberian territory after the outbreak in Guinea that has killed more than 80 persons in that neighboring country is causing panic among many Liberians with market women dealing in Bush meat otherwise known as Dry meat, complaining that they are losing customers because of a government announcement warning people to stay off the local cuisine for a while.

Scientists say Ebola is transmitted to humans through several means with monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees and other animals serving as carriers of the deadly virus and Liberia’s Health Minister Dr. Walter Gwenigale on Monday issued a warning to Liberians to desist from eating bush meat for now, cautioning County Superintendents to take the lead in working in their respective counties to advise the citizens from consuming bush meat.

The bush meat business is a big market in Liberia and serves as a major source of income for a whole group of people ranging from hunters to marketers who purchase directly from the hunters to sellers on the local market, onward to restaurants and other food centers before reaching a vast consuming public.

Liberia is one of the countries in the West African sub region with vast natural rain forest which has been used for hunting for centuries. In the southeastern Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Grand Kru and other counties hunting is an occupation for many. Monkey, one of the animals listed as a carrier of Ebola is a favorite bush meat for many Liberians, an aged old food and convincing people to stay away from a food they have been consuming for years is proving difficult.

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