Why Farming is Now More Than Ever ‘Big Business’ in Africa

By Makula Dunbar Published: January 8, 2014, 6:40 pm

According to a recent BBC report, the food market in Africa is estimated to be worth $300 billion. However, with newer technology, more investment, better equipment and credit, that figure is capable of tripling by 2030, the report noted via the World Bank.

“New initiatives could bring big changes to some parts of the continent. Money from the private sector and from governments is being put to work on the farm,” reporter Wendy Urquart said.

Togo’s cotton farming is picking up because of the success of newly implemented techniques and a blossoming market. More farmers have jumped on the bandwagon and began planting the crop, the report said. In addition, investments from China has bolstered Zimbabwe’s tobacco farming.

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