African Americans Visiting, Moving To Ghana In Record Numbers

By Ann Brown Published: November 9, 2013, 10:00 am

Africa evokes images of vibrancy and growth instead of poverty, war and struggle, Ezinne Ukoha reports in a story in The Grio.

In this context, Ghana is fast becoming a mecca for black Americans who are looking for lucrative opportunities in a new environment. About 10,000 African Americans visit Ghana yearly, according to recent reports. Almost 3,000 African Americans live in the capital, Accra, the major hub of Ghana.

Signs of a growing trend

While these numbers are not huge, they are still significant. Almost six years ago there were just 1,000 African-American expatriates living in Ghana.

What has attracted them? This burgeoning nation has consistently enjoyed a peaceful political climate without many threats of internal or external strife since it gained its independence from the British back in 1957, The Grio reports. The temperate weather also makes it an attractive choice.

But most importantly, there are elements that could resonate with anyone seeking a more laid-back lifestyle. The country offers pristine beaches, affordable living and a sense of spiritual calm permeates the landscape, making Ghana an attractive alternative to the proverbial American “rat race,” Ukoha said.

Ghana is living up to that hype, in addition to being a land of economic opportunity and bountiful resources.

Why relocate to Ghana?

Most Americans are starting to grasp the notion that they may have better luck financially in another country. As the American economy continues to falter, some blacks are finding that places new and unfamiliar could challenge them in ways leading to upward mobility.

Monies saved and invested elsewhere can yield bigger dividends. The educational attainment of many African-Americans can be put to immediate use in countries that have not been able to offer their populations similar luxuries until recently.

Much has been written about American blacks moving to South Africa for these very reasons, but I would like to suggest Ghana be added to the short list of locales for those considering planting new roots in the Motherland.

Technology, teaching and more opportunities

There are a plethora of companies in Ghana eager to recruit foreign applicants. If you are lucky enough to be well versed in all things digital, securing employment with a well-established technology firm is a strong possibility. Organizations such as Blogging Ghana have created platforms for interactivity within the social media realm that are reaching a global audience. Employees of such firms will have the opportunity to be proponents for change in an emerging field.

Or you can more easily start a family business. More than half of the African-Americans that reside in Accra are entrepreneurs. Local chiefs are often more than willing to grant prized land and other resources to budding entrepreneurs interested in real estate development, or other commercial ventures. This could also lead to a lucrative life in farming – or “agribusiness” – for those interested in a totally new, yet viable way of making a living.

Teaching is another highly desirable profession. English is the official language of Ghana; thus, entering academia as a teacher of the language could be one means of entrance into a coveted class. Plus, there are many supports extended to foreign pupils and the qualified staff who instruct them. You and your family could benefit from this aspect of the economy as native speakers.

Read more at The Grio.

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  • john Asafu-Adjaye

    what africa needs now by way of black-american in vestments in Ghana are first in ENERGY and Second Commercial agriculture. Any fanfare talk by black americans talk of investments ,i am afraid is waist of time to Ghanaians.

  • john Asafu-Adjaye

    This article is lopsided in that malaria from mosquitoes is not peculiar to Ghana among West African states. In fact Ghana has a better control than most African states. This is an issue which any body from a Western country is advised before he comes to Ghana.
    Secondly dealing with Government officials may be fraught with delays and underhand dealings. This is also not peculiar to Ghana in Africa.Corruption perception Index of African States also tells one which country is better .
    The impression that local chiefs are frolicking over one another to parcel out lands to foreigners for small fees is not the norm but exception and only in agribusiness but not for Real Estate which an interested investor should be ready to engage an Attorney because the terrain can be rough and dangerous.
    Teaching English alone in Ghana should not convince one to move from USA to Ghana. It is not advisable enough.The person will be disappointed because we have more qualified English language teachers in Ghana. We even have teachers with Masters degree teaching in basic school.
    For your information, there are no plethora of companies in Ghana eager to recruit foreign applicants. There are more I.T graduates with years of experience from prestigious colleges like Gimpa and Aseshi walking in Town without employment. Some have started their businesses after having
    wasted time writing applications.
    According to Ernst & Young, 44 per cent of business people in Africa identified inadequate infrastructure as one of the constraints to doing business in the region.Indeed,Ernst and Young estimates that in 2012, 43.1 per cent of investments in capital in Africa went to manufacturing as opposed to 12 per cent that went to the extractive section.A key area that will greater and smarter investment to fuel the regions economic growth will be the energy sector.
    Every one knows about the energy woes of many an African country

    – from Nigeria,s infamous generators to the total lack of functional national grids in some African states.Ghana has initiated plans to produce gas to

    electricity as other African states like Ethiopia, Angola and Uganda.

    Agri business is an area in Ghana that needs foreign investments since the Government is grossly incompetent in handling it.

  • awde

    One should go in Africa to open a business, not to search jobs (if the country is not Angola or they are not invited by a company BEFORE). Why Ghana? Only these Afro Americans know. But there are more Europeans ging there, opening business, learning a bit of language and culture etc. I think Afro Americans absolutely FAILED to reconnect with their roots, they are the only people without roots in the world, with no clue about Africa etc. This is why they are the more mentally complexed people in the world (after Indian untochables, I guess).

    • Samantha OhsoSexc Janae

      I guess it is our fault as well that our ancestors were enslaved it doesnt make a difference we are of the same color we are brothers and sisters plz dont judge us and we wont judge you .. that is what THEY want and the problem with Africans and Blacks in other countries outside of Africa the same country that we come from doesnt even accept us smh… you should feel ashamed…

    • Realtalk

      You seem incredibly ignorant; not to mention stupid. As “complexed” as ALL African nations seem to be, it would seem entirely appropriate that African Americans would be thus as well. It always amazes me that any African from ANY African country, who faces the infinite problems that each country faces internally as well as externally, has the gall to look to any other Black person in the diaspora and cast aspersions upon them. Fix Ghana, then complain about African Americans. Exactly. *crickets*

    • arens nii jemal

      haha lol awde u might be ryt. Indian untochables! lol

  • Chad

    It’s probably for the best. The US is about to become a mostly Asian & Caucasian nation as Asians are #1 immigrants now and the process is only speeding up to move Asians to the US. They’re quickly losing their own voice and power… what little they did have.

    At least in South Africa they can be happy and have a sense of belonging.

  • Chad

    It’s probably for the best. The US is about to become a mostly Asian & Caucasian nation as Asians are #1 immigrants now and the process is only speeding up to move Asians to the US. Blacks are quickly losing their own voice and power, what little they did have.

    At least in South Africa they can be happy and have a sense of belonging.

  • Torgbui

    Lets get a little deeper than the past respondents, enjoyed you John
    Asafu-Adjaye, however. I find that there is not that much difference
    in whom is most lost in understanding the depths of African Culture
    and History, oldest culture on Earth…Blacks born on African soil or
    those Blacks born long away from it. All “races” come from
    Blacks, common sense. “Mother Nature” in her physical-form
    is the Black woman! If I take a dark complexioned or albino-born
    black African and place him the cold caves of Europe for centuries,
    his lips will thin, his hair will straighten out and become long to
    protect his scalp from the cold, his nose will become long and
    pointed with smaller nasal passages often to do likewise and his
    complexion will become more and more pale, colorless. He may even
    grow taller, as his biology reaches towards the Sun for more Sun rays
    to keep warm. The eyes will even become colorless, you call them blue
    or green in your misunderstand.

    Regarding Awde statement, I am born an African American in this present life but always a “Torgbui”. Like the late author, Alex Haley,
    but using the Tradition, I traced both sides of my ROOTS back to
    Africa in 1975. Maternally I am Anlo Ewe and of the Bate’
    Clan…knowing my Ancestral hometown and family residence in the
    Volta Region. Last i was born it was in Dahomey now called Benin. the
    very reason I love January 10th yearly (Benin holiday). on my
    paternal-side, I am of the Akan Nation, from the Bretuo Clan out of
    Kumasi. However, a child is biologically from both parents on the
    physical side. Yet only from one family-side in the Spiritual. I am
    from my mother’s people, Anlo. My personal deity or “angel”
    is both female (war) and male (peace), one of the oldest. Statues of
    it stood in pyramids to be honored.

    Since1988, I have been to Africa, Ghana in particular many times.
    Sometimes with stays of nearly a year. I know Africa very well.
    Insults slinging is non-productive. Outside of the Spiritual aspect
    of Black Africa, it is the AWAKE African Americans that Black Africa
    needs most. Those whom are spiritual and technology-adapt. A Vodoun
    priestess at age 92 in the Volta Region once told the Anlos, I need
    not a ceremony to bare the title of “Torgbui”. She told
    them I am the New World version, just step back and watch me.

    I, sitting in the US, have learned 3 or 4 ways one can reach a $10,000
    per week income in the US, within 6 months or less, no formal job needed. Thanks to this being the Information Age, all is EASY if the masses will ever get their minds of the past Manufacturing Age. This is why I said above,
    I see no real difference in Blacks born in Africa or blacks born
    outside of Africa, long separated physically. Both are inward in
    mindset, usually. To recruit either to help uplift our Black people
    worldwide, it is the same…extremely difficult. Ironically, the
    “Pan-Afrikan” minded too are lost when it comes to real
    economic development and generational wealth-building for our
    families and extended-families globally. But, as a Torgbui, I can’t
    stop trying, even as a senior now.

    Thank you for this moment, Torgbui

    Awde, where were you when the Jinn came and visited me in the late
    night in the US (without a priest or priestess around me)? Only
    because my the African woman’s complaints did I not marry a MamiWata,
    while in Ghana in mid-2002. Don’t fool yourself, the African Spirit
    World knows whom the African Americans really are when you and most
    of us have forgotten or carry self-hatred within us. A people are
    NEVER really separated from their bloodlines unless they think of
    past enslavement in a physical sense only.

    • Realtalk

      Interesting. Care to share your $$ info?

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  • ibutcherii

    We as descendants of slavery should be looking to West Africa from whence We’re indigenous. Those nations owe Us a lot more than just Reparation, they owe Us Repatriation for trading Us in to Bondage.


    This is a great development.

  • cheusi kamunyo

    There was knowledge n wisdom in college, Knowledge went west n wisdom stayed in the East! We need u, u no d us, the pyramid was not build in 1 day, start coming back home starts in any part of Alkebulan, don’t let nothing stop u, we r 1 blak people, Sankofa!!!

  • I have never been to Africa and I am going in the future to see for myself. . I am retired US Military and I have travelled to South Korea, Japan and Germany and been in Iraq. Yes this due to being in the Army. I have went to Italy on my own and it was nice. I want to go to Ghana and see the beauty of the Land and the people. Since I am retired I don’t have problem with jobs or anything like that and I have a passport to. I am asking if there is a Visa required to go to Ghana as well. I want to go to Accura.