South Africa’s Smart Cities Will Probably Have Wi-Fi, But Maybe Not Water

By Staff Published: January 14, 2018, 9:57 pm
smart cities(Photo: Africa Telecom & IT)

Countries around the world are slowly moving towards fully-connected smart cities, but even the most cutting edge technology is likely to run into challenges. This is according to a number of urban experts who were speaking to Reuters about the future of smart cities in developing countries such as South Africa.

“A 24-hour smart water meter can only be possible if you’re connected to the water system in the first place,” said Ayona Datta, a reader in urban futures at King’s College London.

From Business Tech.

She said that while technology may be introduced across a city to make transport or water services more efficient, it will likely only work in its richer areas. This is because the idea of giving the same thing to everyone in both middle-class and low-income neighborhoods can be problematic, she said.

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