Twitter Lite Announces Launch In Africa

Written by Staff

Twitter has announced the release of Twitter Lite to 24 new countries including 6 African countries. South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Tanzania were the African countries selected as a part of the expansion. The announcement was made by Jesar Shah, the product manager at Twitter, via the company’s blog.

From ITNews Africa.

According to the company, Twitter Lite offer users a new mobile web experience that minimises data usage, loads quicker on slower connections, and is more resilient on unreliable mobile networks. The release comes after Twitter initially tested the application in the Philippines in September 2017.

The company revealed that it saw a 50 percent increase in the number of tweets since it debuted Lite earlier this year. That was likely due to the data-saving version’s quick loading times even on 2G and 3G networks, 3MB install size, offline mode and data saver mode that only loads images and videos you actually want to see.

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