Somalia Opens First Technology Innovation Hub

By Staff Published: October 8, 2017, 7:13 am
technology hub(Photo: Quartz)

Somalia has launched its first technology innovation hub aimed at providing technology solutions to some of the challenges facing the country.

A statement from the UN Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) issued on Sunday said the vision of the hub, iRise, is to invest in the young generation and its future leaders, by attracting social investors who can support youth enterprises.

From Xinhaunet.

“The hub offers young entrepreneurs a platform for technological innovations and collaborations, including business training, mentorship, free internet connectivity, project evaluation and support during the incubation stages of their start-ups,” UNSOM said.

The hub will also offer research and working space for young people keen on using technology to drive business.

iRise Hub which targets digitally empowered youth, banks on the fertile ground for technology and the widespread use of mobile telephony in Somalia, to achieve its objectives.

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