How Kenyan Farmers Are Using Plastic Film Technology To Save Crops

By Staff Published: October 1, 2017, 5:09 pm
Plastic Film Technology(Photo: Daily Nation)

The practice involves draping wet soil in a special kind of polythene film to conserve moisture. I visited Kathama, a tiny village in Machakos, where I discovered remarkable farming techniques. This is a novice innovation with great capacity in a water scarce area.

In Kathama, I connected with one Joseph Mwanzia; an ageing farmer who uses plastic film technology, which he learnt in Ghana. He was a happy man. By using the technology, he had increased his maize production three-fold.

From Standard Media.  Story by Grace Mureithi-Korir

The plastic film technology; also known as plastic mulch technology is an incredibly effective technology which is highly reputed in various parts of the world. In China for instance; the plastic mulch technology has been used to cut down cost of production significantly as it effectively suffocates the weeds; thus reducing labour and herbicide use. In Africa though; this technology has been more beneficial as a way of effectively managing water stress and other drought related effects. The practice, which involves draping wet soil in a special kind of polythene film, increases crop yields incredibly; by conserving moisture; which is then made available for the intended plants to utilize for production.

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