Luanda Celebrates Its Advances In Technology

By Staff Published: September 23, 2017, 8:59 am
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Angola is taking the world by surprise. With the recent explosion of advancements in healthcare, technology, and transportation the continent is seeing a major shift in the way of life. Luanda, Angola’s capital even now takes the number one spot for the most expensive city in the world for expats.

As you could imagine becoming one of the world’s most expensive cities isn’t always perceived as a positive. This is especially true for the native people of Luanda who are also affected and not yet adjusted to the big change in economy. Luckily the world has seen this pattern before, and this drastic change is the start of transformation that will greatly benefit the city and its people.

From Huffingtonpost. Story by Zandre Campos.

Last year Hong Kong took the number one spot for the world’s most expensive city for expats but it has also seen enormous industrial and economic growth over the past decade. While this may have seemed like a negative at the time, in the long run it benefited Hong Kong creating a strong substantial city.

The growth in Hong Kong’s economy is due to increase of integration to the global economy, better technology, investments in infrastructure, and increased production. That is why so many foreigners and business people flocked to the city to take advantage of all the different business opportunities the city had to offer. According to an article in Bloomberg “International companies based in Hong Kong rose 53 percent since 1997, totaling almost 1,400 as of last year, according to government data.” So while being the most expensive city for expats may seem like a negative at the moment, Luanda will most likely follow in the footsteps of Hong Kong and become a strong developed city with plenty to offer.

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