12 African Countries With The Slowest Broadband Speeds

By Peter Pedroncelli Published: September 1, 2017, 11:36 am
Slowest broadband speeds - The DRC misses deadline for high speed internet. Photo - VOANewsThe DRC misses deadline for high speed internet. Photo - VOANews

It is no secret that countries with the slowest broadband speeds globally have a distinct disadvantage over others with regards to development and business capabilities.

New research from British company Cable, a broadband, TV and phone comparison firm, looked at over 63 million broadband speed tests across the globe to determine the slowest broadband speeds based on country averages.

The research took into account 189 countries, including most African nations ranking them from first to last with regards to average speeds that users experience in those countries.

Singapore ranks as the world’s fastest country with speeds of 55.13Mbps (megabyte per second), while Yemen is in last place in the ranking at an average speed of only 0.34Mbps. By comparison, the U.S. placed 21st at 20Mbps in the rankings.

Here are the 12 African countries with the slowest broadband speeds.

Sources: CableTechCentralBusinesstechAllAfrica, VOANews.

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