Israeli Firm Looking To Buy Into Zambia’s Mining Investment Arm

By Reuters Published: April 25, 2017, 9:41 pm
mining investment armSentinel Mine, Zambia. Photo: zambiabusinesstimes

Zambia, Africa’s second-largest copper producer, is talking to an Israeli company that wants to buy a stake in state mining investment arm Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH), a source told Reuters on Tuesday.

From Reuters. Story by Chris Mfula.

Israel’s Sapir Capital had expressed interest in buying a stake worth more than $100 million in ZCCM-IH, the source close to the negotiations said.

“It’s in the pipeline, but I can’t comment on whether it will happen or not,” the source added.

Officials at Sapir Capital could not be reached.

The Zambian firm has diversified interests in mining, energy and other sectors of the southern African nation’s economy. The state-owned Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (IDC), an investment company wholly owned by the government, is the majority shareholder in ZCCM-IH.

About 800 Zambians bought shares in ZCCM-IH during a 2015 sale of shares in the company, the source said.

Sapir Capital, which holds a minority stake in foreign mining firms in Zambia, has more than 4,000 shareholders. Its market capitalisation is over $657 million, according to information on its website.

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