VIDEO: Kayak Surfing The White Nile In Uganda

Written by Joe Kennedy

Kayak surfing the White Nile in Uganda

The hydraulic features of the White Nile are the stuff of legend. The river is huge, usually flowing 1,000-to-1,600 cubic meters per second. All that water, spilling from the inland sea of Lake Victoria, is comfortably warm but refreshing enough to provide relief from the Africa-hot air, according to Kayak Session. Packs of bright-eyed children approach kayakers with the familiar phrase, “jambo mzungu,” which means “hello white person.” The water slides over bedrock shelves, recoiling into waves and holes on a scale better suited for giants. The Nile Special wave is arguably the world’s best big-water surf spot — just one of dozens of play features here. In this video, professional kayaker Nicholas Troutman performs aerial flips and backwards maneuvers as he kayak surfs into the Ugandan sunset.

Watch the video at AFKTravelcom.