A First-Timer’s Guide To Visiting A Moroccan Hammam

By Staff Published: February 7, 2017, 8:01 am
First-timer's guide to a Moroccan hammamPhoto: Morocco World News

Moroccan hammam

Lying face-down on a stone slab, nearly naked, while a stranger thrashes away at you might be a fantasy for some, but not for me. Yet I willingly signed up for the jarring experience — and, truth be told, enjoyed it. Welcome to a Moroccan hammam. Traditional bathhouses are a staple of Moroccan life. Each city’s ancient medina revolves around four neighborhood requisites: a mosque, a public fountain, a bakery, and a hammam, the last frequented by residents at least once a week for a thorough scrub. There are thousands to choose from, ranging from the public neighborhood spots used by locals to luxury hammams patronized by tourists.

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