Most Marketed Ethnic Community In East Africa: Who Are The Maasai?

By Frank Mutulu Published: January 2, 2017, 7:26 pm
who are the MaasaiMaasai. Photo:

Who are the Maasai?

Other than an acacia tree and a sunset backdrop, the most common icon of Africa is a Maasai warrior. We’ve all seen the images of tall and slender men draped in red shawls, standing stork-like on one leg and leaning on a spear shaft. Stories of tourists coming to Africa and falling in love with Maasai are now commonplace. They are known to be handsome people. In the evenings, Maasai warriors sometimes gather to dance in rhythm. One by one, they take turns jumping high in the air with spears at their side. The average Maasai warrior leaps up to four feet in the air.


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