7 Top Southern African Fashion Designers Showcased At African Union Headquarters

By Keren Mikva AFKI Original Published: September 14, 2016, 8:47 pm
Fashion designs by McBright Kavari, one of Namibia's renowned fashion designers, include his trademark Otjiherero traditional dresses. Photo: newera.com.na

An African fashion reception is underway Sept. 13-15 at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa showcasing designers from across the continent. Top designers — one each from 30 African countries — will be represented. The following seven Southern African fashion designers are among them.

You can see more fashion designers from East and West Africa here.

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Lisete Pote, Angola AngolanBlogger

Lisete Pote, Angola. AngolanBlogger

Lisete Pote, Angola

Lisete Pote had her first collection in 1998, and has been a key player on the Angolan fashion scene ever since. She is known for dressing multiple pageant contestants in the Miss Angola pageants, as well as other celebrities from Angola and across the African continent. The company’s main focus is on using native textiles, and it uses its platform to push for investment in the textile industry to secure the sustainability of Angolan fashion.

Khosi Nkosi Fashion House, South Africa GijoBurgEast

Khosi Nkosi Fashion House, South Africa. GijoBurgEast

Khosi Nkosi Fashion House, South Africa

In their own words, Khosi Nkosi Fashion House is committed to producing clothing for the strong, modern, worldly, nubile woman who loves and respects herself and pays attention to detail. The brand has been fairly successful across South Africa, and is available for purchase at selected YDE (Young Designers Emporium) stores across the country.

Source: Facebook/Khosi-Nkosi-YDE

ChizÓ, Zambia AccraFashionWeek

ChizÓ, Zambia. AccraFashionWeek

ChizÓ, Zambia

Founder and owner Chisoma Lombe began ChizÓ in November 2013 after buying a sewing machine and beginning a collaboration with two tailors. She focuses on colorful embroidery to make bright and bold outfits that reflect the unique beauty of Zambia’s natural surroundings.

David Alford, Zimbabwe AccraFashionWeek

David Alford, Zimbabwe. AccraFashionWeek

David Alford, Zimbabwe

Based in Harare, Zimbabwe’s David Alford is known for his eccentricity, basing his designs on styles that often push the boundaries of normalcy. Alford was raised in London, but relocated to Zimbabwe in 2011 to open his own fashion studio.

BOTOCY Clothing, Botswana ThePatriot

BOTOCY Clothing, Botswana. ThePatriot

BOTOCY Clothing, Botswana

BOTOCY is known for beauty in simplicity, and founder Botho Chalebgwa uses bright colors and creative stylistic flairs to create Afro-centric pieces that demonstrate high levels of comfort and chicness. Chalebgwa is committed to using high quality materials and immaculate finishing to uphold her ideals in every article of clothing.

Kokonut Stylist, Swaziland BantuMagazine

Kokonut Stylist, Swaziland. BantuMagazine

Kokonut Stylist, Swaziland

Founder Koko Shabangu has created a contemporary high-fashion brand with Kokonut Stylist, and uses her platform to introduce Swazi contemporary culture to the rest of the African continent and the world. She has also recently launched an accessory line called Atibuye Emasisweni, which uses the traditional Swazi lihiya — a cloth worn around the waist — to make jewelry.

Classic Fashion, Namibia NewEra

Classic Fashion, Namibia. NewEra

Classic Fashion, Namibia

Classic Fashion was begun by founder Mc Bright Kavari, and has created a niche for itself as the elegant and dramatic fashion brand in Namibia. Kavari uses modern African styles combined with European-style twists, and loves to bend the norm and explore unique and untried ideas.

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