Business Opportunity: Canon Trains Ghanaians To Print For Ghana

By Staff Published: March 6, 2016, 12:03 am
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In-house printing departments are almost nonexistent for Ghanaian corporations, which often resort to using printers in foreign countries for their printing needs, according to a report in GraphicOnline.

Canon, a Japanese manufacturer of imaging equipment including cameras, photocopiers, and computer printers, has partnered with nonprofit Invest in Africa to train 20 small and medium enterprises in the printing industry. Invest In Africa works with private and public-sector companies to tackle the challenges of doing business in Africa. It has offices in U.K, Ghana and Kenya.

The program, “Professional Print Excellence,” is aimed at improving commercial and technical skills of local professional printing companies by providing them with focused training to help run large volumes of business and deliver world-class printing products and services.

The program was established in response to a study Canon conducted to understand the professional printing industry in Ghana, according to Ayman Ali, marketing manager at Canon Middle East.

The research found that 64 percent of companies who responded to a survey said they would have more material printed within Ghana if printing quality improved, Ali said.

The program aims to build the capacity and skills of people in African countries where Canon operates.

As part of the partnership, Canon will provide mentorship for 20 SMEs. Invest in Africa provides training on business development and business management best practices.

Participating SMEs will be able to makes bids on printing jobs from international companies in Ghana via Invest in Africa’s Africa Partner Pool.

In-house printing departments are almost nonexistent for corporations in Ghana, said Roman Troedthandl, managing director of Canon Central and North Africa.

Despite the challenges hindering business in Ghana, growth expectations are high for the printing industry.

Printing businesses that qualify for the Canon training in Ghana will be selected from the Association of Ghana Printers and Converters.

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