8 Of The Most Useful African Passports

By Peter Pedroncelli AFKI Original Published: January 19, 2016, 8:05 am
South African passportSouth African passport - traveller24.news24.com

Travel is a wonderful luxury for those who can afford to do so, but there are important considerations when travelling to other countries. Passports and visas are crucial elements to keep in mind when planning any trip. Certain countries are given far more freedom than others with regards to travelling without the need for visas, with each country making the decision based on where the passport originates.

A total of 197 countries were taken into consideration regarding visa regulations, giving a good indication of the nations that have the most freedom regarding travel thanks to the passport that their citizens are able to acquire.

In Africa, there are passports that are far more useful than others from the perspective of visa requirements, and we decided to look into the 8 most useful African passports.

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8) Namibia

South Africa’s neighbours Namibia have a very favourable reputation on the world stage, and this translates into trust from the various immigration authorities globally. Evidence of this is visible in the fact that 67 countries around the world welcome Namibian passport holders without the need for a visa.


7) Lesotho

Continuing the trend of Southern African countries that are trusted to travel the world with less visa regulations imposed on them than their fellow African countries in other parts of the continent, the Kingdom of Lesotho enables their citizens to make their way to 67 countries worldwide without the need for a visa.

Kenya Airways Photo: wbs.ug

Kenya Airways
Photo: wbs.ug

6) Kenya

A total of 68 countries entrust visa-free travel to Kenyan citizens according to the latest statistics available, showing that the East African nation is a well respected African state, and Kenyans are able to apply for the sixth most useful passport on the continent.

Gambia Travel

Gambia Travel – scmp.com

5) Gambia

The Gambia is an African country that is not very well known around the globe, but despite this, the people of this wonderful country do not need to apply for a visa before visiting an impressive 68 nations around the world.



4) Botswana

The beautiful Southern African country allows its citizens possession of the fourth most useful passport on the continent, as travellers who hold a Botswana passport are able to make their way to 73 countries without requiring a visa.

South African passport

South African passport – traveller24.news24.com

3) South Africa

South Africa is the continent’s financial powerhouse, and with a diverse population that comes from various parts of the world, there are communities of people living in South Africa from many other countries. This may be one of the reasons that the rainbow nation provides its citizens with the third most useful passport in Africa, allowing ease of travel to 97 countries.



2) Mauritius

While most people are keen to make a trip to the wonderful island nation of Mauritius, the citizens of the former French colony are made to feel welcome in many of the world’s countries, as holders of Mauritian passports are given visa-free access to 125 countries around the globe.

Seychelles Immigration

Seychelles Immigration – noroadbarred.wordpress.com

1) Seychelles

Island nations are often given more leeway with regards to visa requirements, and this is the case with the Seychelles. The people of this beautiful set of islands are the Africans who are most trusted globally in terms of travelling to other countries, with a total of 129 nations not requiring a visa for those holding a Seychelles passport to enter their country.

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