Investing in Africa - The 2017 African Angel Investor Summit took place in Cape Town. Photo - VC4A The 2017 African Angel Investor Summit took place in Cape Town. Photo - VC4AAFKI Original

Building An African Angel Investment Community One Step At A Time

Google is one of many tech companies investing in Africa Google is one of many tech companies investing in Africa. Photo - TechDemiAFKI Original

10 Global Tech Companies That Are Investing In Africa

Mining provides distressed asset investing opportunities in Africa. Mining provides distressed asset investing opportunities in Africa. Photo: televisionafrica.comAFKI Original

Opinion: Time For Distressed Asset Investing And Restructuring In Africa

UberEATS is now operating in South Africa. Photo: Neil Hall/Reuters/AFKI Original

10 Things You Didn’t Know About How Africans Use Uber

Mentorship program - African startups to benefit from a new Google Launchpad program. Photo - Google African startups to benefit from a new Google Launchpad program. Photo - Google

Google Reveals New Mentorship Program And Launchpad Space For African Startups

sub-Saharan African growth - Africa attractive to clothing brands Ethiopia is one of the Africa countries expecting strong growth. Photo: Petterik Wiggers/Wall Street Journal.AFKI Original

Betting On Sub-Saharan African Growth Favorites In A Strong 2018

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    10 Things You Didn’t Know About South Africa’s Evolving Startup Landscape

    South Africa's tech startup landscape is expanding. Photo: Thinkstock By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:29 am AFKI Original

    The tech startup landscape in South Africa is constantly evolving, with entrepreneurs working hard to take their ideas and make them into viable and successful businesses. This is not always an easy task, and funding is a major issue, as determined by a recent Ventureburn survey that was conducted among startup founders. The survey gives a great deal of insight into the startup scene, with stats that paint a picture of a growing startup culture in the country, despite challenges.

  • Culture

    Top Election Predictions For Africa In 2018

    Election predictions - Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa will run for president in 2018. Photo - VOA News By Kurt Davis Jr., 2:04 am AFKI Original

    Last year’s election predictions for 2017 were pretty accurate (if a little self-indulgence can be allowed). So this year will be interesting to watch again, with countries like Egypt, DRC (hopefully), and Zimbabwe on the calendar. The elections are sure to be very exciting for the countries going to the polls and those investors and other interested parties gauging how to engage such countries. Here are the top elections to watch in Africa and predictions for 2018.

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    Amazon Considering Construction Of Cloud Data Centers In South Africa

    Data Centers - Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:57 am

    Amazon Web Services, the cloud division of, is considering the possibility of constructing data centers in South Africa. The cloud computing firm may look to build its own data center infrastructure in the country, following the launch of its AWS Direct Connect service in Johannesburg and Cape Town this week. Cloud computing technology allows for storing and accessing of data and software over the internet rather than a particular computer hard drive.

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    Africa’s Telecoms Market Undergoing ‘Period Of Revolution’

    Africa's telecoms market is filled with opportunities and challenges. Photo - The UN By Tom Jackson, 1:24 am AFKI Original

    Africa’s telecoms market is in a state of flux, with some operators seeing huge potential and opportunity while others are concerned with the challenges they face. Trends are being set by both those aiming to expand investment in telecommunications across the continent, and those moving away from the telecoms playing field. Orange and Viettel are making big investment moves, while the likes of Tunisie Telecom and Airtel are retreating from Africa.

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    Africa’s Best Sectors For Technology-Enabled Investments In 2018

    technology-enabled By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:04 am AFKI Original

    Recent advances in technology are creating scalability for sub-Saharan African investments, with technology-enabled businesses well-positioned for growth. Financial services provides one such example. As many Westerners complain about the lack of technological advancement with banks on managing their money (i.e., poor identity checks, lack of speed in service, etc.), many sub-Saharan Africans are celebrating some great advancements in their financial services.

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    Kenyan School Aims To Produce The Next Generation Of Engineers

    By Staff, 1:31 pm

    In Kenya, youth under 25 years old make up the largest number of people unemployed in the country.Audrey Cheng, 24, is trying to change that.Raised in Maryland, Cheng moved to Nairobi three years ago to work for a global fund. She realized that entrepreneurs in Kenya were struggling to find talent to fill jobs in their company. That led her to co-found the Moringa School, Students are between the ages of 18 and 25 and have the option to join a variety of programs that range from five to 15 weeks

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    Nigeria Partners With South Korea On Technology And Research

    By Staff, 1:15 pm

    The University of Abuja says it is set to partner with South Korea in research and technology, including an exchange of students and members of taff. The Acting Director, University of Abuja Centre for Asian Studies, Dr. Amos Dlibugunaya, stated this at a Korean Supporters’ and Alumni Inauguration Day in Abuja. Dlibugunaya said the Asian country had sponsored some of the university lecturers to study in its universities, adding that such partnership would engender mutual growth and development.

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    South African IT Firm Cancels London Stock Exchange Listing

    South African IT Firm - Datatec CEO Jens Montanana. Photo: Techcentral By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:37 am

    South African IT firm Datatec has confirmed that Thursday would be their final day of trading on the London Stock Exchange. The Johannesburg-listed technology group decided to cancel their London listing on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the English bourse from. Operating in 70 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, Datatec is an international ICT solutions and services group based in Johannesburg.

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