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  • Cloud-based Platform biNu Levels Basic Mobile Consumers, Smartphone Users

    By Steven J. Smith, 12:42 pm

    Mobile app company biNu is drawing a lot of attention these days in Africa with a program it claims can boost Internet speeds by as much as 10 times, giving even the most basic phones smartphone-like capabilities. The app’s platform provides more than 100 channels including news, entertainment, weather, social networks and even free books, according to its website. Users also have the ability to interact with one another through news feeds, social profiles and messaging.

  • Arms In Africa: ‘Scramble For African Defense Market Has Just Begun’

    By Dana Sanchez, 11:59 am

    Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya – where oil and gas have been found – will need to protect their oil and gas infrastructure onshore and offshore. This will include more patrol ships, probably maritime surveillance aircraft and possibly unmanned aerial vehicles.”The scramble for the African defense market has just begun, and it will continue over the next decade,” says Col. Joseph Sibanda, a retired Zimbabwe Army officer, now a defense analyst. South Africa, one of the only African countries with an indigenous arms industry, could be a major beneficiary.

  • $100 Zedupad Tablet the Answer to Zambia’s Failing School System?

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:21 pm

    Many African schools are failing their pupils. Through a combination of lack of resources, low teaching skills and many other factors, the students who come out at the other end do not have the skills and understandings required. In a fortnight’s time iSchools in Zambia will launch a tablet or under US100 pre-loaded with the curriculum for schools and parents. I talked to its founder Mark Bennett about what it wants to do.

  • Africa’s Mobile Subscribers: Who They Are, Why Investors Care

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:19 pm

    The mobile market in Africa, powered by youth, has great potential for investors because of the huge numbers of mobile network subscribers. About 84 million mobile phones in Africa today are Internet-enabled. By 2014, it’s predicted 69 percent of mobiles will have Internet access. In response to the burgeoning demand, markets are transitioning slowly from so-called feature phones with limited data access to low-cost smartphones with access to the Internet.

  • Bongo Live Focuses On Marketing Via Mobile Phones

    By Steven J. Smith, 11:11 am

    Tanzania’s Bongo Live offers a marketing service via mobile phones, specializing in group messaging, texting services and custom applications. Bongo Live founder Taha Jiwaji says each country is completely different in Africa. “It’s not like the U.S., where you move from one state to another where everything is the same,” he said. “The languages are different. The ways of doing business are different.”

  • IBM Commits To Create Software Incubation Center In Nigeria

    By Ann Brown, 7:00 pm

    IBM has announced it will establish a software incubation center and support ICT skills development programs in Nigeria. The announcement was made during a working visit of  the Chairman, President and Chief Executive officer of IBM, Virginia ‘Ginni’ Rometty, to the Ministry in Abuja, reports Biz Tech Africa. During the visit, Rometty said that IBM would […]

  • Hydroponics Give Kenyan Farmers Fodder For Thought

    By Isaac Mwangi, 11:00 am

    Growing crops in water, or hydroponic agriculture, is changing the fortunes of some Kenyan farmers and helping improve food security. An analytical chemist, Peter Chege has been teaching other farmers from around East Africa the intricacies of hydroponics. The venture has improved his financial status and is gaining him admiration from people across the region.

  • Safaricom Opposed to Mobile Money Transfer Tax Increase

    By Makula Dunbar, 9:47 am

    Kenya’s leading mobile phone operator Safaricom cautioned the government against further rises in excise duty on mobile money transfers, saying there was a risk new county-level administrations would add to the tax burden. Chief Executive Bob Collymore said on Thursday futher tax increases would put a service that has deepened financial inclusion, particularly in rural areas, beyond the reach of the poor.

  • Emerging Agri-Niche: Africa’s First-Time Tractor Buyers

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:13 pm

    U.S. tractor makers are rushing to sell farm equipment to first-time buyers in Africa – part of an emerging agricultural class increasingly courted by foreign manufacturers. Mechanization in African farming is still very low. Kenya had 25 tractors per 100 square kilometers (39 square miles) of arable land in 2009 while Nigeria had almost seven, according to the most recent data from World Bank. That compares with an average of 271 machines in the U.S.

  • Rwanda, South Korea to Partner, Create E-Government Service

    By Makula Dunbar, 12:43 pm

    The Rwandan government has partnered with the National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA) of South Korea to develop e-government services. The Ministry of Youth and ICT’s (MYICT) e-Government Master Plan Project aims to improve efficiency and effectiveness

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