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Uber: Latest News

  • Uber Fighting On All Fronts In Africa As New Competitors Emerge

    Uber Africa new competition By Tom Jackson, 8:48 am AFKI Original

    Uber says there’s enough room in Africa for all types of taxi and ride-hailing services. The US-based tech company headed off early competition on the continent, but new competitiors are rising. Uber hypes up the competition, saying it means more choices that are affordable, reliable, and produce jobs. One new Uber competitior, Africa Ride, offers drivers a share in the business, saying it empowers them more than Uber does. “Drivers will want to log in on the app which they own and have control over,” said Africa Ride founder Thabo Mashale.

  • Two Very Different Responses To Uber: Kenya And South Africa

    African response to Uber By The Conversation, 9:16 am

    Disruptive competition through technology can benefit consumers, but it also raises socioeconomic issues. Africa is no exception. There are concerns that Uber, with its first-mover advantage in the ride-sharing market, is growing into a monopoly despite the benefits to consumers. Traditional metered taxis are seeing red. In South Africa, new entrants into the ride-sharing app market have made little progress. The picture is very different in Kenya. Safaricom appears to have overcome the seemingly insurmountable first-mover position enjoyed by Uber.

  • SA’s Metered Taxi Drivers Have A New App, And Uber Says Bring On The Competition

    metered taxi drivers uber app By Dana Sanchez, 1:05 am

    South Africa’s metered-taxi drivers are getting their own taxi hailing app to compete with Uber, and Uber says bring it on. In their latest protest against Uber, members of the SA Metered Taxi Association on Friday blocked highways and entrances to O.R Tambo International, the country’s busiest airport. Uber says there’s enough business to go around in Africa, and it encourages the competition to use technology to access what it says are abundant economic opportunities. As the price of smartphones fall and mobile penetration rises, Uber is also looking for more opportunities to invest in Africa’s taxi-hailing industry.

  • Uber, Airbnb Are Most Valuable US Tech Startups Doing Business In Africa

    most valuable US tech startups doing business in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 1:45 pm

    In the process of tapping into the sharing economy, Airbnb tapped into a relatively unfilled niche in Africa — the need for reliable, mid-range accommodation in African cities. Doing so helped Airbnb become the second most valuable U.S. startup in 2016. Valued at $68 billion, Uber is the most valuable startup in the U.S. and across the globe — proof that you can get rich by sharing.

  • Kenya’s Little Cab Plans To Take On Uber In Uganda And Nigeria

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:29 am

    Little Cab, a taxi-hailing app owned by Nairobi-based technology firms, Craft Silicon, and East Africa’s biggest telecommunication provider, Safaricom, plans to expand its operations to Uganda and Nigeria as it intensifies its market battle against the dominant U.S.-based taxi-haling firm, Uber. The decision is likely to change the app’s fortunes, whose increase in customers in Kenya has not led to a rise in its earnings

  • Uber Debuts Self Driving Cars: What It Means For Africa

    Uber debuts self driving cars By Dana Sanchez, 11:23 am

    In the same way that ATMs did not make bank branches obsolete, autonomous cars won’t make Uber drivers obsolete, said Alon Lits, managing director of Uber sub-Saharan Africa. All the major auto makers are experimenting with autonomous vehicles, but Uber, which has disruption embedded in its DNA, is the first to actually put it to test on city streets with everyday commuters. The Uber test cars in Pittsburgh aren’t actually self driving. Uber employees are behind the wheel in case the cars’ self-driving systems make mistakes.

  • Metered Taxi Drivers Protest, Uber Hires In Africa For UberEats

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:38 pm

    We’ve all seen the media reports about UberEverything coming to Africa — but what does that really mean? In a nutshell, it means Uber needs more drivers and more managers. Metered taxi drivers regularly protest perceived unfair advantages Uber enjoys. A protest of 100 drivers turned violent today in Cape Town. One of the most disruptive technologies ever created, Uber is expanding to new markets in Africa and advertising for a South African manager for a restaurant food delivery service. The San Francisco-based tech company is also working to bring UberPool and UberRush to SA.

  • Uber Data Is Helping People Get Car Loans In Africa

    Uber data By Dana Sanchez, 8:45 pm

    It’s hard to get a loan in Kenya. Most people have very little credit history and few assets so banks are unwilling to take the risk lending them money. A new partnership between Uber and a local bank is allowing Uber drivers to use data from satisfied customers to apply for car loans. “I felt like I won a jackpot,” said Uber driver Michael Muturi, who got an Uber message saying his profile was good enough to apply. “With my own car I will be able to afford a good house, take my kids to a good school and save for the future.”

  • 12 Taxi Hailing Apps Competing With Uber In Africa

    By Lillian Mutiso, 6:45 am AFKI Original

    Uber, founded in March 2009 in San Francisco, U.S., entered the African market in August 2013 when it launched in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has since spread to Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda. Despite the hype the surrounds Uber foray into Africa, there are several other tech startups on the continent that have also launched their own taxi-haling apps to compete with the American-owned company.

  • UberEverything Coming To Africa By End of 2016

    1420581048257 uber stuff.co.nz By Kevin Mwanza, 10:06 am

    Sanfrancisco-based Uber Technologies plans to introduce UberEverything, a division of the company that leverage on its drivers network into the on-demand economy and provide services such as product and food delivery and courier services. The taxi-hailing company plans to introduce UberEverthing, that will include UberRush (a personal courier service) and UberEat ( a food delivery service), in South Africa by the end of the year

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