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  • 10 Most Attractive Tech Employers For South African Professionals

    South African Professionals By Peter Pedroncelli, 11:10 am AFKI Original

    South African professionals are increasingly interested in being involved with the tech sector in the country, as there is a great deal of demand for quality skills that can help in boosting top companies. Universum Global conducts an annual employer attractiveness survey, which focuses on young professionals and their workplace preferences, comprising of responses from 46,891 students and 22,321 professionals from across South Africa. Here are the 10 most attractive tech employers for professionals in South Africa.

  • Rwanda Partnering With Nokia And SRG To Deploy Smart City Technology

    Smart City technology deployed in Rwanda's capital, Kigali By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:46 am

    The Rwandan government will be working with Finnish mobile giants Nokia and local company SRG in the deployment of smart city technology solutions throughout the country. Nokia’s advanced capabilities in this arena will be used to deliver a secure and effective smart city solution for the East African nation, which will include a mission-critical access network, IP and cloud core networks, and Nokia’s ‘impact platform’, which will enable numerous applications related to the internet of things (IoT).

  • 12 Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans

    Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:09 am AFKI Original

    African consumers are increasingly able to enjoy numerous global tech brands due to a growing middle class on the continent that is savvy and mindful of what brands can offer them. Many of these brands have earned the admiration and loyalty of African consumers, with BrandAfrica ranking them in terms of the most admired brands from an African perspective. We take a look at 12 of the most admired global tech brands according to Africans.

  • 12 Ways A South African Bank Earned The Title “World’s Most Innovative”

    FNB Mobile - world's most innovative bank By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:15 am AFKI Original

    At the end of 2012 South Africa’s First National Bank (FNB) was named as the world’s most innovative bank in the BAI – Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards, which is a joint programme between BAI and Finacle Infosys. The bank has done well to remain innovative over time. Below are 12 ways in which FNB earned the title as the world’s most innovative bank.

  • 12 Most Promising African Entrepreneurs of 2016

    most promising African Entrepreneurs By Keren Mikva, 6:44 pm AFKI Original

    Inspired by an MIT event in Lagos, Ogunlana Olumide and Chukwuwezam Obanor created PrepClass, software designed to help Nigerian students prepare for tests online. In addition to providing online test prep, the company employs over 100 tutors who travel to students’ homes to teach one-on-one. The personalized approach has been successful, and company revenue is up 1400 percent.

  • 8 South African Businesses That Are Making A Difference

    South African businesses By Peter Pedroncelli, 10:20 am AFKI Original

    The success of South African businesses is the key to addressing unemployment and inequality in the country, while producing the kind of economic activity that will jump start a flailing economy and give life to a variety of industries. There are many South Africans, young and old, who have started businesses in order to provide for their families, address a need or follow their dreams, and despite economic difficulties, some of these businesses are already beginning to taste success.

  • 13 Most Innovative Countries In Africa

    Foreign company By Dana Sanchez

    You won’t find an African country among the world’s top 25 performers for innovation, but several low-income African countries are outperforming their peers based on GDP, earning the designation “innovation achievers.” Co-published by Cornell University, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and A.T. Kearney, the Global Innovation Index goes beyond traditional measures of innovation such as research and development.

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About African Tech Startups Funding

    African startups By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:17 am AFKI Original

    Tech startups are all the rage these days, and Africa is not missing the boat in this regard, providing the tech sector with an abundance of great businesses geared at taking on challenges and finding innovative solutions to help people overcome these challenges. We decided to take a closer look at 8 things you probably didn’t know about funding for African tech startups.

  • How A Nigerian Tech Millionaire Turned $250 Into $6M

    Q&A With Nigerian Tech Millionaire Abasiama Idaresit By Ann Brown, 9:56 am AFKI Original

    He turned $250 in startup funds into more than $6 million, and may be on his way to becoming Africa’s first tech billionaire. His company is one of Africa’s leading digital marketing agencies. He wants Nigeria to have more exportable technology and services that can compete globally, and like other global tech entrepreneurs, he’s bcoming a venture capitalist. “We are just starting,” said Abasiama Idaresit, 36.

  • Mobile Health Tech Yet To Reach Its Full Life Saving Potential in Africa

    By Staff, 2:19 am

    This practice is heavily guarded, more like a secret society, swearing by the Hippocratic Oath to enter and abide by strict protocols and guidelines. The practice is standardized world-over and medical professionals are kept updated through journals, conferences and peer review meetings. Every new approach proposed is weighed against the existing proven method, and the

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