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  • 12 Mobile Apps That Are Saving Lives In Africa

    Saving lives - Life saving apps in Africa help women to have safe pregnancies. Photo - Mujer Magazine By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:39 am AFKI Original

    Technology has an important role to play in African daily life, and in fact, some mobile apps that have been created contribute to saving lives. Mobile apps are easily accessible, often free or cost-effective, and can be used on the go. Whether helping to enhance healthcare, assist with security or summon law enforcement, the mobile apps on this list have been designed specifically to deal with challenges and assist African communities with crucial elements of their lives. Here are 12 mobile apps that are saving lives in Africa.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About How Africans Have Embraced Mobile

    embraced mobile By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:42 am AFKI Original

    Africa has embraced mobile like few other regions of the world have, with some of the highest mobile penetration rates and the majority of internet users accessing content online via their mobiles. Whether one considers online banking, apps for healthcare, connecting through social media or voting for a political party, Africans have fully embraced mobile technology and all of its possibilities. Here are the 12 things you didn’t know about how Africans have embraced mobile.

  • 12 Innovative Apps That You Never Heard Of Solving South African Problems

    Innovative Apps - Vula Eye Health app - appoftheyear.co.za By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:00 am AFKI Original

    App development is on the rise, with many innovative apps developed in South Africa with a focus on solving a problem or providing for a specific local need. These applications are going a long way to helping people in the country with a variety of issues from the more important questions around education, finances and employment, to simpler matters including uncomplicated mall parking. Here are 12 mobile apps that are solving South African problems.

  • Top South African App Downloads Are Global Players, But Locals Are Racing To Catch Up

    Top South African App Downloads By Dana Sanchez, 3:08 pm

    WhatsApp is the No. 1 most downloaded app in South Africa, where social networking and IM apps from global Internet players are popular among smartphone users. Local innovators are racing to build relevant apps. Most content is in English and focused on data-heavy smartphone apps. Content needs to be available on more devices in languages users understand, says GSMA.

  • Nigerian Tech Startup Plans To Create “African iTunes”

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:10 am

    A Nigerian Tech startup MyMUSIC has created an “African iTune” that will enable African youth to access the music they love on the mobile device. Capitalizing on a mobile revolution on the continent with over half a billion people connected on the device, with over 100 million in Nigeria alone, MyMusic has created an app that enable users to download music from across the continent on their phone at a small fee of less than $0.33.

  • Mobile App Entrepreneurs Work For The Public Interest Across Africa

    By Andrew Friedman, 2:07 am AFKI Original

    Entrepreneurial skills have helped many throughout Africa lift themselves and others up out of poverty. When paired with modern technology and the rising prevalence of mobile phones, these skills can also solve seemingly intractable problems like accountability, transparency, food security and many others. One of the main reason given for the growth in techn entrepreneurship on the continent is the tremendous expansion of mobile phone technology.

  • Kenyan App Developer Busts Ghost Workers Via Mobile

    By Kevin Mwanza, 2:35 am

    How do you manage over 5,000 security guards scattered all over an African city with a very high crime rate? This is the question a Kenyan app developer, Kate Kiguru, has answered successfully through a “ghostwokers” application  or Akida featured under the InfoDev programme – a one-week intensive course designed to accelerate the growth of […]

  • Hospitality Industry in Senegal Gets Software, Mobile App Boost

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:12 pm

    Xtreme Design and Engineering, an IT solutions firm based in Atlanta, GA and Senegal has taken software and app development a step further by identifying a need within the African hospitality industry.

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