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  • Low Corporate Tax Rate Beckons Investors To Under-The-Radar Mauritania

    low corporate tax rate Mauritania By Kurt Davis Jr., 10:24 am AFKI Original

    Mauritania requires no royalty payments, which is not the norm. This is a benefit for oil, gas and mining explorers anxious about paying royalties when commodity prices are unpredictable. Mauritania’s corporate income tax rate is relatively low at 25% — a plus in a region where the tax and fiscal systems can change any investor’s outlook on risk and reward. Large government irrigation projects have aided agricultural production in the desert. Israeli technology and cropping strategies have had some success in other parts of Africa. There is potential here, but it requires investment in technology — not always a priority in agriculture.

  • Crowdfunding In Africa: Opportunities And Challenges

    Crowdfunding in Africa By Staff, 9:40 pm

    Crowdfunding has been steadily gaining traction in Africa over the past decade. There are 57 crowdfunding platforms on the continent — most designed to serve local consumers and support projects in the host country only. Still, crowdfunding in Africa is limited compared to other regions. In 2015, the African crowdfunding market amounted to about $70 million, less than 1 percent of the global market. Investors and African entrepreneurs who use crowdfunding are operating in an unregulated space, at least in most African countries.

  • Bye-Bye Brick And Mortar: Sub-Saharan African Markets With The Most Fintech Opportunities

    fintech opportunities By Kurt Davis Jr., 3:41 pm AFKI Original

    Sub-Saharan African banks are late to the party. More than 75% of Africans lack access to traditional banking. Fintech offerings with the most potential are the ones that address the unbanked and underserved. Addressing Africa’s poor is impactful and a money maker, but it’s also time-consuming — something to consider if you want a quick return. Africans may be quick to try a mobile app or technology but end users are not always quick adopters. Here are five sub-Saharan markets with the most opportunities in fintech.

  • 3 Economies Account for Half Of Africa’s GDP. Here Are The Top 10

    Africa's GDP By Dana Sanchez, 3:27 pm AFKI Original

    With investors showing increased interest in African equity and bond markets and through direct investment, data issues are getting more urgent. Accurate and transparent statistics are essential indicators of economic potential, economists say. African countries generally fail to accurately record the size of the informal economy which could account for up to 62.7 percent of GDP. Three of the 10 countries listed here are expected to see their GDPs decrease in 2016. For others, it’s still Africa rising. Here’s what we know.

  • What People Are Saying About Nigeria Officially In Recession. Will Politics Send South Africa There Too?

    Nigeria officially in recession By Dana Sanchez, 3:34 pm

    Correcting Nigeria’s economy won’t happen in the short term, says a longtime proponent of the “Africa rising” narrative. The South African currency could sink as low as 19 rand to the dollar this year. South Africa and Nigeria can rebound given the time and determination. Meanwhile, East African economies such as Tanzania and Ethiopia are growing and presenting alternatives for investors.

  • Diaspora Demo Day Is A Way For African Tech Startups To Pitch To U.S. Investors

    Diaspora Demo Day By Ann Brown, 5:02 pm AFKI Original

    Startups are daunting. It’s an uphill battle finding funding, convincing others to believe in your dream, and taking it from idea to reality. A partnership between Tiphub, an Africa-focused accelerator, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, hopes to give African entrepreneurial dreamers in the diaspora a helping hand. You may qualify if your company is in Africa, focused on Africa or has a founder from Africa, the African diaspora or of African descent. The application deadline is Aug. 31. Here’s the best part. Participants will be able to pitch their idea to potential angel investors, venture capital and impact investors.

  • It Worked For Table Mountain. Can The Drakensberg Handle A Cable Car?

    can the Drakensberg handle a cable car By Dana Sanchez, 11:11 am

    About 909,000 visitors use the Table Mountain cable car annually. It was built in 1929 at a cost of £100,000. By today’s standards, that would be $2,033,907 — still a bargain compared to the estimated $34.085 million it will cost to build the Drakensberg cable way. Local and foreign investors are at a Durban conference for a proposed Drakensberg cable car project which has been promoted as a no-brainer and game changer for KwaZulu-Natal tourism. It won’t be possible without public-private partnerships, tourism officials say. Not everyone is in favor of the proposed 7 kilometer cable way.

  • Investment Opportunity: Ivory Coast Electricity, Water Monopoly Could Be Ending

    Ivory Coast electricity By Dana Sanchez, 11:12 am

    Electricity distribution in Ivory Coast is controlled by a unit of Eranove, which is 56 percent owned by Washington, D.C.-based private equity firm Emerging Capital Partners and 19 percent by Paris-based Axa. Eranove also has a stake in the country’s water distribution. Eranove says it operates an installed electricity capacity of over 1100 megawatts in Ivory Coast. That’s more than half Ivory Coast’s power production capacity.

  • 8 Ways To Turn The South African Economy Around

    By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:45 am AFKI Original

    The South African economy has been hit hard by a perfect storm of negative factors which have ensured that the Rand has been depreciated while investors have been viewing the situation in the country with caution. There are issues that are out of the country’s control, while other factors are well within the powers of authorities to affect change. With this in mind, we take a look 8 ways in which South Africa can turn its ailing economy around.

  • East Africa, Bright Spot In 2016 In A Tough Economic Environment

    By Kurt Davis Jr., 12:19 pm AFKI Original

    Kenya remains the “comeback kid” in Africa when challenges arise. Don’t be surprised if the country’s real GDP growth reaches beyond 6 percent. In an ironic twist, low oil prices will help Uganda and its big deficit. The political tension of the upcoming Feb. 18 general election and the months following will factor in how markets respond to Uganda’s currency. But come April, expect Uganda to be back on track for a strong end to 2016.

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