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  • 12 Ways Africans Are Transforming Healthcare Through Technology

    Transforming healthcare - Innovation Prize For Africa - Dougbeh-Chris Nyan's rapid diagnostic test is one of the innovations that are being recognized. Photo - VenturesAfrica By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:20 am AFKI Original

    Technology has an important role to play in Africa, and one of the most important ways that tech is improving the lives of Africans across the continent is by transforming healthcare. Advances in technology and innovative ideas are allowing for better healthcare and improved diagnostic efforts in communities throughout Africa, including in remote areas thanks to the wonders of mobile and the internet.

  • South African Medical Tech Startup Aiming To Empower Doctors Across The Globe

    Dr Khan, CEO and co-founder of South African medical tech startup, EMGuidance. Photo - Twitter By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:42 am

    South African medical tech startup Essential Medical Guidance, known simply as EMGuidance, won the South African leg of the Seedstars World competition at the end of June. EMGuidance provides a mobile app, which was launched last year, allowing doctors and medical professionals to source treatment protocols for chronic conditions and information on medication that differs from region to region, giving those in the medical profession the ability to make informed decisions.

  • 12 Mobile Apps That Are Saving Lives In Africa

    Saving lives - Life saving apps in Africa help women to have safe pregnancies. Photo - Mujer Magazine By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:39 am AFKI Original

    Technology has an important role to play in African daily life, and in fact, some mobile apps that have been created contribute to saving lives. Mobile apps are easily accessible, often free or cost-effective, and can be used on the go. Whether helping to enhance healthcare, assist with security or summon law enforcement, the mobile apps on this list have been designed specifically to deal with challenges and assist African communities with crucial elements of their lives. Here are 12 mobile apps that are saving lives in Africa.

  • How Text Messaging Is Helping Treat HIV And Tuberculosis In Mozambique

    Text messaging By Staff, 12:18 pm

    Mobile phone text messaging is a powerful tool for improving quality of care, as shown by José António Nhavoto in his doctoral thesis in informatics at Örebro University. He has developed and tested a method in Mozambique, helping patients with severe diseases to follow through with their treatments.Combining care and communication in his thesis project,Nhavoto has examined how text messages can be used in different ways to improve care for patients linked to 16 healthcare centres in Mozambique.

  • Opinion: Africa Needs More Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts

    Africa needs more healthcare real estate investment trusts By Dana Sanchez, 1:39 pm

    There is a gap for hospital services in Africa and property investors can benefit from this with healthcare real estate investment trusts, an expert says. A REIT is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. Large hospital owners like Netcare or Life Healthcare in South Africa could sell hospitals to a property manager who runs a healthcare REIT. The REIT would then lease them back. REITs provide investors with a liquid stake in real estate, special tax considerations and typically high-dividend yields. In more mature markets, healthcare REITs are often popular investments.

  • Young African Leader Introduces Healthcare Alternative To Namibia

    Young African Leader By Ann Brown, 5:00 am AFKI Original

    Namibian naturopath Petrina N. Auino-Mwandingi, 31, was one of nine young African leaders chosen from 600 applicants to come to the U.S. and learn American style entrepreneurship as part of Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. “We focused on social entrepreneurship and how to build strong businesses,” she told AFKInsider. “Skills like marketing and branding.” Two young women in a not-so-popular health field, she and her partner had to turn obstacles into challenges and then work to overcome them. “We kept on going even when it would have been easier to just quit,” she said. Read her inspiring interview here.

  • GE Looks To Expand In Ethiopia, Mozambique, Double Africa Revenue

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:40 pm

    Ethiopia is investing in power plants as it seeks to become one of the continent’s largest electricity exporters. Mozambique is developing projects that could make it the third-largest shipper of liquefied natural gas. They’re two of the fastest-growing African countries and GE wants a piece of that. Boston-based GE is the sixth-largest firm in the U.S. by gross revenue. Power will be its biggest growth sector in Africa as it looks to double revenue on the continent in five years.

  • 10 Healthcare Apps That Are Fighting The Disease Burden In Africa

    By Kevin Mwanza, 12:06 am

    Africa has more than enough share of life threatening diseases. With the health sector struggling to treat all these diseases, including malaria, AIDS and in worst cases Ebola, some healthcare-focused tech startups have come up with applications to help in fighting these outbreaks. From location based mobile applications that allow users to find the closest health center… to identifying counterfeit medication

  • How ICT Investment Will Help The Middle East, Africa’s Largest Healthcare Markets

    By Staff, 5:00 pm

    ICT investments could boost the four core healthcare markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), says the International Data Corporation (IDC). According to data released by the IDC spending on IT services and products among healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will grow by 70% over the next five years.

  • Ebola fighters Are 2014 Time’s Persons Of The Year

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:26 am

    Healthcare professionals working to fight the Ebola epidemic are the most influential people of 2014, according to Time magazine. Time said West African healthcare workers and organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Samaritan’s Purse have “risked and persisted, sacrificed and saved.” This outbreak of Ebola, a deadly disease with no known cure, has killed more than 7,000 people since it began earlier this year, hitting Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea the hardest.

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