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  • Airbnb Aims To Double African Customers This Year

    Airbnb By Reuters, 1:01 am

    Airbnb, a US-based online marketplace to list or rent short-term lodgings, expects to double its customer numbers in Africa this year to 1.5 million. Company CEO Brian Chesky was in Cape Town’s oldest township Friday to surprise graduates from an Airbnb training program. He described Africa as “an incredibly exciting emerging market for travel.” The top five Airbnb cities in Africa are Cape Town, Marrakesh, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Casablanca, although listings are found from St. Helena island in the South Atlantic Ocean to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Somalia.

  • 8.2 Percent Of The World’s Facebook Users Are In African Countries

    Facebook users are in African countries By Dana Sanchez, 12:35 pm

    Facebook beat Wall Street expectations for sales and user growth in the fourth quarter of 2016, and it credits Internet.org, its free basic version of the internet in developing countries, for helping make that happen. It added more users worldwide in the fourth quarter than any quarter since the company went public in 2012. Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s vision is to get more Africans online. “This isn’t a purely altruistic venture,” an analyst said. Internet.org, is available in 23 African countries through partnerships with mobile operators.

  • 12 Fastest Growing Economies In Africa During 2016

    Africa's fastest growing economies By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:15 am AFKI Original

    The African continent is home to some of the fastest growing economies on the planet, with numerous nations on the continent among the top 10 best performing economies globally. The best performing economies in Africa have benefited from government policies and structural reforms, which have resulted in strong inclusive growth. According to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook for 2016, a long list of African economies were in line to achieve positive growth above 3% for the year 2016.

  • Growth Slowed In 2015 For DRC To 7.7 Percent

    Growth slowed in 2015 for DRC By Staff, 4:37 pm

    Democratic Republic of Congo has been one of sub-Saharan Africa’s strongest performers in terms of real gross domestic product growth over the past five years, as the economy recovers from a civil war that ended in 2003. But uncertainty over whether the country will hold elections this year has alarmed foreign investors. A slump in global commodities prices hit DRC’s mining industry, which has been forced to scale back production.

  • Facebook In Africa Learning Curve: How Is Business A Year After Opening Shop?

    Facebook in Africa Facebook in Africa learning curve By Dana Sanchez, 11:18 am

    When it comes to selling advertising in Africa, Facebook is a newcomer. It still has a learning curve on how to do more business on the continent. A year after opening its first African office, the social media network has grown 18% in Kenya, 16% in South Africa, and 6% in Nigeria. That sounds like a lot, but it may not be fast enough for Facebook. A soon-to-be-launched Facebook satellite will allow more Africans to connect to the Internet, “not at the (current) rate, but we need to fast forward the rate people are connecting,” said Facebook Africa head Nunu Ntshingila.

  • 12 Reasons Billionaire George Soros Is Investing In Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 7:52 pm AFKI Original

    Hungarian-American businessman George Soros has become one of the most aggressive foreign investors in African economies. While many predict a decrease in investment due to regional instabilities and lingering Ebola fears, Soros says African investment remains one of the few bright spots on the gloomy global economic horizon. As one of the richest people in the world with a track record of investment profits, Soros might just know what he’s talking about.

  • Demand Strongest In 8 Years For Airline Passenger Connectivity

    By Dana Sanchez, 7:31 pm

    Seven of the 10 fastest-growing air passenger markets over the next 20 years are expected to be in Africa. African aviation accounts for more than 70 million passengers a year. Infrastructure and safety are the industry’s two biggest challenges. Infrastructure is improving as new airports are commissioned and Africa’s aircraft fleet gets younger. Safety seems to be improving too.

  • New BRICS Bank Plans Up To $384M Bond Issue In Yuan In Q2, Renewables Get Priority

    Perfect Storm If BRICS Slow Down By Dana Sanchez, 7:16 pm

    One of the challenges new BRICS bank faces is that it was designed with a common denominator — fast growth — in mind among members who no longer share that common denominator. The idea for a BRICS bank emerged in 2012 when members’ economies were sizzling at an average growth rate above 5 percent. Only India is expected to post a faster growth rate this year than it did arou. The IMF pegs the BRICS’ average growth rate at 2 percent this year. The BRICS goal for 2016 is to sell about $1 billion worth of long-term yuan-denominated bonds.

  • LinkedIn Had Its Worst Day Ever. What Did Africa Have To Do With It?

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:23 pm

    LinkedIn is facing pressure in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, “given current global economic conditions,” said its CFO. The world’s largest social networking site for professionals lost 40 percent of its value as the market opened Friday, and the company cited weakness in recruitment services outside North America. LinkedIn has been spending heavily on expansion, buying companies, hiring sales personnel and increasing its presence in China and other markets outside the U.S.

  • 8 Things You Should Know About The South African Social Media Landscape

    By Peter Pedroncelli, 9:00 am AFKI Original

    South Africa is one of the powerhouses of the African continent, and from a tech perspective it is one of the fastest growing markets. This is also the case in terms of social media, with various platforms seeing expanded user numbers in the country. With the growth of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the rainbow nation, we take a look at the things that you should know about the South African social media landscape.

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