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  • 12 Sub-Saharan African Countries With The Best Access To Electricity

    Access to electricity in Africa By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:25 am AFKI Original

    Many of us take access to electricity for granted, but only two out of every five people in Africa have decent access to energy to power lights and other electrical appliances throughout the day. Around 625 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity, according to the International Energy Agency. We take a look at 12 Sub-Saharan African countries with the best access to electricity.

  • Energy In Africa: A Ground Floor View Of The Crisis In Tanzania

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:26 am

    Africa has had a long standing energy crisis and it one of the least connected region in the world. Although this is changing slowly with the advent of renewable energy sources like solar that has connected many people living off-the grid, the challenge of over reliance on hydro-power electricity is still at large. It’s estimated that some 600 million people across sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to reliable energy.

  • Opinion: How Inga Dams Are Holding Congo’s Energy Future Hostage

    By Staff, 9:06 am

    World Bank and government officials like to describe the proposed Grand Inga dams on the Congo as a “dream for Africa”, which could electrify the whole continent at low cost. Instead, the world’s largest hydropower scheme risks turning into a nightmare which crowds out better solutions and pulls the Congo’s energy sector down the drain.

  • African Investments On The Rise In Mozambique

    By Staff, 9:50 am

    Most of the approved projects are for the management and development of ports, construction of new railways, energy, mining, and natural gas. Despite African countries increasing investments in Mozambique, United Arabic Emirates topped the list of major investors in 2014.

  • Renewable Energy Firms Find Boon In Poisonous Weed

    By Frank Mutulu, 1:21 pm AFKI Original

    U.S. and African renewable energy investors have found a way to capitalize on a poisonous plant introduced into Kenya in the ’80s to stop erosion. The plant’s aggressive expansion had unintended consequences in Kenya, destroying grazing grounds used by livestock, and choking out native species.
    Kenya’s government has ambitious plans to add 5,000 megawatts by 2017 and has sweetened the deal for investors, drawing companies like U.S.-based Cummins and Nairobi-based Viability Energy to put up power plants in remote areas of Kenya. The plan is to burn the invasive weed at some of the planned power plants and generate power from them.

  • Building Bridges With Light: Does Africa Need A Synchrotron?

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:31 pm

    Africa is the only habitable continent on Earth without a synchrotron and a physics professor at Stanford University in the U.S. wants to change that. A synchrotron is a light source — a machine that accelerates electrons to high energy, allowing them to emit powerful X-rays that can be used to study the structure and properties of all kinds of things. It could help African researchers tackle some of the continent’s big issues such as Ebola, says physicist Herman Winick. Winick wants researchers throughout Africa to get behind the project. “They need to get involved and take ownership of it,” he told PhysicsWorld.

  • Investment In Green Energy Will Power Africa Into The Future

    By Anna B. Wroblewska, 8:03 am AFKI Original

    Renewables are gaining traction in Africa, and for good reason. The continent has widely dispersed electrification rates and relatively little in the way of energy infrastructure — and green energy could bypass those hurdles in much the same way cellphone technology bypassed traditional wired communication infrastructure. “Renewable energy… is alleviating a lot of problems in African infrastructure,”

  • Why Solar Power In Sub-Saharan Africa Is Spreading So Fast

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:20 pm

    Solar power in sub-Saharan Africa is spreading fast because it’s getting cheaper, better and it’s safer than traditional methods, TheEconomist reports. In 2009, just 1 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s 910-million people used solar lighting. Now close to 5 percent use it and by 2030, that number will be up to 500 million, the International Energy Agency predicts.

  • Africa’s Oil, Gas And Mining Conferences Unfazed By Falling Oil Prices

    By D.A. Barber, 7:07 am AFKI Original

    The coming year looks to be a busy one. New oil and natural gas discoveries in East and West Africa are drawing global attention while the continent’s mining industry has some hard decisions to make concerning low commodity prices and unstable power sources.

  • Ghana Set To Launch First Nuclear Energy Plant

    By Makula Dunbar, 4:19 pm

    Ghana is set to become the second country in Africa to introduce nuclear energy after South Africa. This follows the International Atomic Energy Agency approval of Ghana’s application after decades of negotiation. The project could have a large impact on Ghana’s power shortfall and raises questions about what safety protocols are in place.

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