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Cape Town: Latest News

  • Naspers Competes With Netflix In Europe By Offering Hyper-Local, Original Content

    Naspers competes with Netflix in Europe By Dana Sanchez, 11:07 am AFKI Original

    South African media giant Naspers is launching its 18-month-old internet TV service ShowMax in Poland. It plans to provide hyper-local content and original productions rather than trying to compete with expensive shows designed to appeal to audiences worldwide. It’s competing with the much older, bigger, more established U.S. firm Netflix, which launched in 1998. Netflix is also commissioning original content, but it has an overseas problem, one commentator said. “It just doesn’t have the amount of local content that some of the (streaming and pay TV) competitors have.”

  • Swedish Furniture Giant Ikea Plans An All-African Collection In 2019

    Ikea Plans An All-African Collection By Dana Sanchez, 4:16 pm

    The world’s largest furniture and homeware store, Ikea, has collaborated with some of the best designers in seven sub-Sahran African countries to curate its first African collection in what is described as an effort to “democratize design.” Ikea says it wants to tap into the “creative explosion” happening across the continent. The furniture and homeware collection will focus on “modern rituals and the importance they play in the home.” The collection probably won’t be accessible in the African cities that inspired it. Ikea’s only African outlets are in Morocco and Egypt.

  • Home Prices Up Almost 12 Percent In Cape Town, Above Average In Durban, PE

    South African home prices By Staff, 5:31 pm

    In KwaZulu-Natal the strongest activity is along the North Coast from Durban to Ballito — popular among investors. Residential development in upscale areas such as uMhlanga and Sibaya is enormous, prompting converns of oversupply, but home prices are expected to increase. Durban’s North and South Beach areas, including The Point, have increased as popular residential areas, thanks in part to the general upgrade to the Promenade.

  • 1 In 4 African Airbnb Properties Is In Cape Town: How It’s Changing The Way People Buy Homes

    African Airbnb properties By Dana Sanchez, 11:43 am

    Disruption is expected to pick up in South Africa’s real estate industry in 2017, a stakeholder says. South African homeowners increasingly want to earn income from their real estate investments. Airbnb — a website that lets homeowners rent out space in their homes — is making it easier to do so. This is expected to impact how people buy property as they look for homes that will double as vacation rentals.

  • 12 International Music Videos That Were Shot In South Africa

    International Music Video By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:00 am AFKI Original

    South Africa has become a popular location for movies and television shows to be filmed in, but there are also many international music videos that have been shot in the rainbow nation, with Canadian rapper Drake recently shooting his yet unreleased music video in the country. From The Script to Jonas Blue, below are 12 international music videos which were shot in South Africa.

  • Just Plain Quirky: Luxury Lodgings Outside Cape Town In An Airstream Trailer Park

    Airstream trailer park By Lucy Corne, 7:00 am

    When I got offered a one-night stay at a trailer park called Old Mac Daddy in Elgin, South Africa, I pictured a mobile home with the bare essentials – a bed, a tiny bathroom, a mini fridge. Instead, what I found on this working farm was 12 pimped-out luxury Airstream trailers, each with a different theme. Old Mac Daddy is on a hill overlooking a dam. It’s more like a luxury lodge with private chalets on wheels than a trailer park. Each Airstream trailer is decorated by a local artist. It’s one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had.

  • Chinese Company To Manufacture Electric Bus Fleet For South Africa

    electric bus fleet for South Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:02 pm

    Cape Town hopes to become the first city in Africa to use electric buses for public transport, but other African countries have made earlier first-mover claims. The high cost of electric buses has been a barrier for the industry. They’re twice as much as their non-electric counterparts. But as crude oil prices fluctuate, the global electric bus market is predicted to grow 28 percent by 2020. By the end of 2020, China is expected to account for nearly half the global market.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Poaching On Robben Island

    Poaching on Robben Island By Keren Mikva, 9:52 am AFKI Original

    Robben Island is known as the political prison where Nelson Mandela spent decades of his life. Now a famous tourist destination, it’s becoming notorious for something else — abalone poaching. Nearly $70,000 worth of abalones — 2,858 of them — were found in a raid in May. Poachers often sell the coveted shellfish for drugs. Many of the abalones end up in Chinese restaurants, where diners may pay $130 per kilogram. In South Africa, abalones are on the verge of commercial extinction.

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About SA Olympic Gold Winner Wayde Van Niekerk

    World Championship Double - Wayde van Niekerk - Rio 2016 Olympic Games By Peter Pedroncelli, 12:22 pm

    South African running sensation Wayde van Niekerk made a global name for himself at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, winning gold in the men’s 400 in world record time. Van Niekerk’s Twitter following exploded after his amazing accomplishment in Rio. To celebrate the achievement of South Africa’s newest sports hero, we take a closer look at 15 things you may not know about South African athlete, Wayde van Niekerk.

  • South African Products That Are Local, Authentic And Make Great Gifts

    perfect South African gift By Julia Austin, 10:29 pm AFKI Original

    Rope jewelry is popular among South Africans. It’s a combination of bold and casual, and unlike anything your friends at home have ever seen. Pichulik is a brand known around South Africa for its colorful and creative rope necklaces. If you’re visiting South Africa, you can find local products that range from hand-crafted toys to luxurious apparel that is authentic and less expensive than what’s available online.

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