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  • What It’s Like For Startups To Partner With Mobile Operators In Emerging Markets

    Entrepreneurs use digital technology to increase farm productivity By Tom Jackson, 3:26 pm AFKI Original

    Startups innovate much faster than mobile operators but they lack the wide reach — and customers — that more established companies have. Mobile operators and startups in emerging markets should work together because collaboration could be mutually beneficial, according to a new GSMA report — “Opening Doors: A Start-Up’s Guide to Working With Mobile Operators in Emerging Markets.” Some mobile operators are openly listing their API documentation and integration processes, and are willing to listen to startup founders.

  • Uber Raises Fares In South Africa As Competition Mounts For Drivers

    Uber raises fares in South Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:27 pm

    In Africa, tapping into dissatisfaction with Uber seems to be the unofficial expansion strategy of the app’s competitors. More and more ride-hailing services are using Uber’s weaknesses to capitalize on their expansion in Africa. Right now, drivers rather than customers appear to be where the battle is playing out. South Africa isn’t the only country where Uber is rolling out the red carpet for its drivers. The San Francisco-based company announced a slate of new and expanded driver friendly features Monday in the U.S.

  • How Technology Has Helped African Artists

    How Technology Has Helped African Artists By Staff, 12:02 am

    A growing number of sub­-Saharan African artists are realizing the importance of technology — social media, apps, websites and online platforms — focused on promoting and archiving African contemporary art. Smartphones, tablets and even satellite TV have also played a role, showing artists that despite the lack of artistic infrastructure across the region, there are still ways to reach out and get the attention of art managers, critics, collectors and gallerists around the world.

  • South African Casinos Invest In Tech To Keep Gamblers At The Table Longer

    South African Casinos Invest In Tech By Dana Sanchez, 5:19 pm

    South African casinos are expanding and upgrading their digital technology because it pays. They’re adding more Wi-Fi hotspots, which allows patrons to download casino apps and use them to order food and beverages from outside the casino for delivery directly to the playing table. Patrons who do not have a smartphone can borrow a tablet. Some casinos’ smartphone-charging stations come with a security locker that allows patrons to charge their smartphones without leaving the casino.

  • Israeli Mobile Messaging App Viber Launches Public Chats In Africa

    Viber launches public chats in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 5:38 pm

    One of the five most downloaded smartphone call and messaging apps, Viber claims to offer Africans “a new kind of social experience” ­– tapping into live conversations from celebrities, personalities, brands and organizations. Users can follow chats in key African markets with celebrities such as Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour, who joined Viber Public Chats for the regional launch. There are local conversations in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Egypt.

  • An Uber For Clean Clothes And Other Apps Changing Uganda

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:01 am

    Yoza — it means “to wash” in Uganda’s major language — is typical of Ugandan start-ups. It’s in its early stages, uses innovative means to tackle a local problem, and has a tiny customer base by international standards. The app helps users find laundry services. Almost 140 women are signed up to do laundry, and some of them have doubled their income. It may be small and hyper local, but its commercially viable.

  • Opinion: Silicon Savannah Is Changing The Global Face Of Technology

    idgconnect mobile kenya-masai-mara-with-digital-watch By Staff, 2:44 pm

    Every week, the U.S. tech sector uses the most advanced mobile technology in the world to create some new meaningless distraction — — Tinder for dogs, Airbnb for boats, Yo. Meanwhile, in Africa, entrepreneurs are solving the continent’s most pressing problems. In the U.S., every app is trying to become some kind of mobile PayPal. But nobody is really using them — at least not compared to Kenyans.

  • Opinion: Blame Government For Falling Broadband Speeds

    By Staff, 5:00 am

    A new survey of smartphone usage across five African countries confirms that South Africa’s higher data revenue has more to do with intensity of use than cost of use. Despite the research indicating that mobile broadband infrastructure is more robust in South Africa than in the rest of Africa, it is clearly not robust enough. The high level of usage is despite the government, rather than thanks to it.

  • 10 Best Apps To Help You Feel Safe

    By Keren Mikva, 6:32 am AFKI Original

    Street harassment has become an ever-growing problem, and Hollaback is a unique app to help address it. Users record instances of harassment, including everything from catcalling to assault, in the forms of texts and pictures, and the reports are compiled on a map. Local elected officials and police officers can then use the information to apply more resources to particular problem areas, as well as to be more aware of the amount of harassment that occurs in their districts on a daily basis. The information is also available to other users of the app, so they can be aware of areas they may wish to avoid.

  • Ivory Coast Techies Solve Local Problems With Tablets And Apps

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:52 am

    Apple is facing competition from the most unlikely places in the world. In Ivory Coast techies are coming up with local technology solutions for the Ivorian consumers, developing their own tablets and applications for the local market. An IT company, Siregex, has developed a tablet specifically for the Ivorian market. The tablet, known as Qelsay (Classroom in Ivorian), targets school going kids who have been overburdened carrying heavy backpack to and from school.

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