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  • How to Grow a People Powered E-Learning Platform

    By Makula Dunbar

    Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, CEO of e-learning platform Fora, sat down with AFKInsider to talk about the startup and his background in online education. In part two of the interview, Aboyeji discusses the benefits and African takeover of e-learning, and of monetizing his company. “We might not be great at the online marketing side of things, but we do leverage relationships,” he said.

  • AFKI Commodities Report: South Africa’s Platinum Strike Nears End

    By Lynda Davies, 4:04 am AFKI Original

    The 21-week strike in South Africa’s platinum mining sector could be set to end with the three affected mining companies saying on

  • How African Consumer Habits Are Changing

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:06 pm

    African consumer habits are changing, with high-earners shopping in major shopping centers, visiting open-air markets only occasionally for cheap items. Tanzanians make most of their household purchases from family-owned shops known as dukas. Supermarkets are popular, however, with higher-income Tanzanians and expats. Nigerian retail is predominantly informal. Consumers in this West African country shop for anything from food to clothing and cell phones on street corners.

  • Immersion Journeys CEO Rumit Mehta on Entering Africa’s Travel Industries [Part 1of 3]

    By Makula Dunbar

    Rumit Mehta, CEO and founder of global travel agency Immersion Journeys, joins AFKInsider to discuss the impact that his company is making in Africa and African tourism. Branching off from a background in architecture and first working part-time at a travel firm, Mehta would eventually founded Immersion Journeys, which supports individuals, groups, schools and businesses.

  • Foreign Investment to Reach $80 Billion in 2014

    By Makula Dunbar, 12:31 pm

    Foreign investment in African economies will hit a record $80 billion in 2014, as business leaders in developed economies put the recession behind them and Chinese and others from emerging markets continue to show a strong interest in African assets, a report said Monday.

  • Top Providers Of U.N. Peacekeepers From Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 10:01 am AFKI Original

    Rwanda contributes the highest percentage of troops per national capita to U.N. peacekeeping missions in the world. Formerly the recipient of a large influx of U.N. peacekeepers

  • Extremist Groups Are Taking Over Africa

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:26 pm

    Al-Qaeda affiliates Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab are feared to be working together in a grand scheme that could put parts of Africa in an even worse situation when it comes to extremist group threats. Car bombings, along with attacks on schools and businesses, will be the least of Africa’s worries if the right measures are not taken to intervene, a CNN report said.

  • Burger King Plans To Export Halal Meat Patties From South Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:09 pm

    Burger King isn’t just thinking about selling burgers in Southern Africa. The home of the Whopper plans to export halal patties from a meat plant in Elsies River — the only one in Africa capable of producing patties approved by Burger King and the second plant in the world to produce halal patties, according to Hassen Adams with Burger King South Africa. Burger King anticipates explosive growth in restaurants in the region. Getting into the meat exporting business opens up opportunities for exports to large Middle East markets, Africa and the world, Adams told iAfrica.

  • Stakeholder Discusses Infrastructure, Property Opportunities In Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:38 pm

    For private investors in infrastructure and property development, profit margins can be up to 200 percent in parts of Africa but the political environment in some countries acts as a deterrent, a stakeholder says. “In Ghana, the profit margin can be between 100-to-200 percent,” said Kofi Smith. “Ghana does not have much of a credit system in place, but investors who go in liquid can make a lot of money.”

  • 10 Most-Followed South Africans On Twitter

    By Becca Blond, 2:32 am AFKI Original

    From shock-jock radio presenters to legends of the sports world, South Africans love to tweet. Terry Pheto, the South African actress most famous for playing the leading role of Miriam in the 2005 Oscar-winning film, “Tsotsi,” comes in at ninth place with 193,302 followers. Here are the top 10 most-followed South Africans on Twitter.

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